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All ready to shoot some customs
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Lol, I'm a dumdass. Sorry.
What types of stuff are you shooting...... Like custom members videos?
if you are ever looking for a webmaster...or get fed up with others... let me know...
I just want someone to set up the site then go away i think so my friends are gonna help me
I know the feeling, all depends on what you want to do etc....if you run into issues or if you need help keep us in mind, I have a good group of people to pull from if needed...
Your very pretty, your sweet smile makes me do the same.
Ashley u r good u r beatiful u r nice u r sexy u r hot ..............I m joking ................dont think it
I m saying really
u r so u baby
i love u ashley i what u be my gf babe
eres muy bonita..... desde la ciudad de osorno... chile un gran saludo.... es para que aprendas español....... adios
HI,how are you ,你好,很高兴认识你,My name is ZhaoG Shi.
hello beautiful.....
beautiful eyes and smile ashley from a friend from northern canada
beauty and sexy mulusssssssss.........muach
Hay I like to see you, you are happy girl but you seriously ......
take happy your life . 
Hay, I'am work in Vessel, Electric Engineer on LPG Ship. I have wife and 4 children. 2 boy in University ( 1. Petroleum Engineer, 1. Marine College), 2 sweet girl ( 1. High School, 1, Junior school).
I' am very happy with my family.
Hi! I like your body and how to make blush pinup camera. I love your eyes, is mischievous and very transparent. I declare myself an admirer of your sensuality and your prisoner of your body so beautiful. Many kisses.
Ashley Graham you looking so sexy and you have a beautiful smile
I like this pix,,,just naaturally attractive to me,,,, id have to say a gem,,,,,
Yea Yea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very pretty and sexy, but I like these photos best.
your beautifu, nice eyes :)
Great smile Ashley :-)with a smile like that you're sure to get the job :-) have a great day :-) :-)
I lived in Carlsbad for a while myself.  Vista, I think, was a little city that bordered where I lived.  Sadly, I never got to meet your sexy redheaded self, though.  :(
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Love have for isyouloveyouandmeituouarelove that ityousrelove bebe nice sexxy beautiful woman
Hi sweetie u new friend from san Francisco ca call 6504581384
Happy Valentine's day🌷🌷🌷🌸🌹🌹🌺
Helloyou very beautiful lovely woman's wish likeyou tap that ass bebe 
Beautiful lady I like your page and I like your pic too you have beautiful eyes. My bane is Troy I'm USA, Maine. 
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