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Wordless Wednesday
I have been taking a break from Facebook for a little while, so here are the pictures that reflect our activities for the past week.  It's been a long time since I posted a Wordless Wednesday! The benefits of a twin?  Built in teeter-totter buddy!  And #eve...

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Disney World, part 1
During December we traveled through Lakeland, FL to see my friend Danielle and her family.  While we were there we took advantage of the close proximity to Disney World...yes...our kids got to experience Disney, compliments of Grandma & Grandpa as an early ...

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Thankful Thursday
Today I am thankful for missionary housing.  As a family we have been in our temporary "home" for less than two weeks since September.  That's a lot of moving around!  Hopefully it makes for a lot of support raising (we have  added 37% support this year).  ...

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Romans 8:32
Download PDF File What an amazing promise is ours from this chapter of
Scripture!  If God was willing to give us His own Son, how can we think He would
withhold anything good from us?

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A little more from Romans 8:28… The words work together mean to “work together, help
in work, be partner in labour. To put forth power together with and thereby to
assist.” Some other instances of this Greek word in the NT: Mark 16:20 – they went forth pr...

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I had this all written up two
weeks ago to share with you, but computer issues prevented its publishing.         We arrived back in Brooklyn on
July 15, 2015.   This left us just two
months as Brooklyn residents.   Realizing
this is definitely bittersweet f...

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Pictures from our Week
A few pictures from our week: We are trying desperately to finish school.  It means double lessons each day while we are settled into one place.  It also means three other kiddos who are "stuck" inside and finding "things" to keep them busy.  Like this... P...

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First Memory Verses
This week we began teaching the twins a memory verse in our family devotion time.  Maybe I just don't remember correctly...but I can't believe how well they are talking to do this at age 2 already!  Elaine could say several simple verses (5-10 words max) by...

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Twins in Black and White
I liked the brick background in several of the twins' pictures, but it always seems better to me in Black & White.  I'm having a hard time deciding if I like these or the color ones better!   I think this one is my favorite!
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