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Refreshing Rest
#BrentwoodTennessee #BrentwoodRemodel #BrentwoodSunroom

The Middle Tennessee Area is booming & blooming everywhere. This Brentwood beauty is absolutely breathtaking with it’s new sunroom. The exquisite addition is spacious and sufficient for all sorts of family functions. Our design team diligently took time on this project creating a design that would bring the feel of the outside, inside. The two different stains on the panels for the floor and the ceiling give that natural outdoor impression. As you can see in the pictures below the custom windows to read more

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Come check out the RSU booth at the 2017 Nashville Home & Remodeling Show!

We will be at Music City Center March 10-12th so stop by the booth and get some great information for your next home remodeling project.
Register here:

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Modern Magic Remodel

#MiddleTennesseeRenovations #Remodeling #BrentwoodRemodel #MurfreesboroRemodel

The stately modern look is what is in for this homeowner and their new interior renovations. The color scheme of this bathroom was intricately selected to showcase this grand shower. As you can see, the shower is sporting two stainless steel shower heads strategically placed, one being the favored rainfall shower head. With thousands of different shapes of ceramic tile the designs are limitless. While interacting with our design team it is our goal to listen well to what you desire. Lighting fixtures and cabinetry are always a fun time for shopping after we have decide your preferred style. Once your particular style has been identified we can narrow the long list of products down to the chosen preferred few. After your decisions are finalized from our time together, we are determined to do our best to preform the task. Please visit our website photo gallery to see a variety of renovations and call us today for a consultation.

Middle Tennessee Area
Quality Carpenters & Painters
We are so excited here at RSU Contractors to have the opportunity to be making additions to our family of talented, experienced and deeply appreciated employees. Have you heard the old saying, “A good craftsman never blames his tools”? Here at RSU Contractors we hire the “Good Craftsman”. Not only do we hire the good craftsman but we also provide the best material and tools to accomplish the job. We appreciate high quality performers and back our talk by providing a comprehensive benefits package. With all of that said we are seeking:
Carpenters & Painters
Skills preferred include:
• Framing
• General Carpentry
• Finish Trim
• Painting & Sheetrock
• Remodeling & Construction Knowledge
• Knowledge of Building Codes
• Material Management
• Client Relations
Please email request for application to

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Happy Valentine’s Day
Caution - this post is geared toward Your Girl!
#MiddleTennessee #Murfreesboro #Franklin #Brentwood
Visit our website:

Doesn't everyone love a relaxing, resting, peaceful, playful and “love is in the air” Valentine’s Day. We always try and make it a perfect day for our loved one on Valentine’s Day. If you have missed the opportunity to give your sweetie a long lasting present of love they can admire for years to come start planning now. This renovation has all the special touches for that, “Someone Special”. It is not hard for a woman to imaging the rose pedals all over the floor with the candles strategically placed in the room as she meanders over for a relaxing bath before the big night out with her loved one. The wood paneled wall accentuates the window with a view to nature itself. This bathroom renovation is a mixture for Him & Her. He is not left without as he enjoys the additional features of the shower that provide a massage effect. Call RSU Contractors today to get started on your new renovation 615-269-3906.

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Design Difference

The difference is in the DESIGN! The square footage of the bathroom never changed but the design made all the difference in the world. From the floor to the ceiling the crisp look of this contemporary creation brings this room to life. As you can see with the before and after pictures the difference is indescribable. Even the lighting in the room illuminates the color scheme that was perfectly picked to bring this room to perfection. The products that we use are top of the line in durability and ranking. There are hundreds of products out on the market and we stay current on the latest technical and aesthetic developments. Just to name a few, there are hundreds of designs on hardware for cabinets, showers and tubs and a wide range of lighting fixtures for every room in the house. With so many decisions to make let us help you bring your masterpiece together in your home. We have placed a “Code of Ethics” on our website and want you to feel free to use this information when selecting any contractor for your project. Our desire is for you to be informed before you invest your time and money in someone responsible for transforming one of your treasures. Click here for a free example of what things you should look for in a contractor: standards-guide.pdf

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#Remodel #Renovations #Bathroom

This Beautiful Bathroom comes with all the bells and whistles. Each and every square inch of this bathroom was well contemplated by our design team. After the consultation with the homeowner we were intentional to design the bathroom with all of their desires in mind. From the size of the french doors that open into this tranquil room to the vanities that are strategically placed on either side of the door for single use. We have taken great care and consideration in making this bathroom formal while creating an atmosphere of Rest & Relaxation. Click here to read more and see a video of the shower spraying from different outlets:

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Transformation Time
#Remodel #Franklin #Nashville #Brentwood #Murfreesboro

The design team at RSU Contractors delight in helping clients enjoy their home more than ever before. As you can see in the attached pictures, this home has been transformed. From the new sun room to the in-ground pool with waterfall many days will be filled with fun and relaxation. The spacious sunroom allows this homeowner to take advantage of the necessary time to just sit and unwind while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.......Read more here

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From This to That

#Remodel #Construction #Exteriors #Franklin #Brentwood #MiddleTennessee

This homeowner has not only improved the value of this gorgeous home but is completely satisfied with the new amenities. The upgrades that have been implemented increase their entertainment time from not just the summer but also into the colder seasons. The custom fireplace with surround seating makes the perfect place to sit outside while enjoying the warmth of the fire in the fall. Who doesn’t love..........Read more here

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Happy New Year 2017

A Little about the beginning

This is probably the only time you will hear specifically about RSU’s beginning because our attention is on our customers. I post this information not wanting the focus on me but what RSU can accomplish for you. For the customers that still TRUST the value of someone’s word I am sharing my story of growth and commitment with you.

Here is my story:

RSU Contractors began as “Services Unlimited,” which was basically a summer job I created to make some extra money while attending Middle Tennessee State University. I washed windows and performed various odd jobs—pretty much any gig you can think of, I did it.

One of my college courses required me to develop a more detailed business plan for my company. It was during this time that I was able to see what I could truly achieve. And that’s when I really honed in on expanding my business—and when this simple summer side job started becoming bigger… and bigger… and bigger. In 1984, Pat Bouton, the current Director of the Nashville/Murfreesboro branch, joined the company as a house painter. Together we continued the success of the company, and in 1990, we gained our Tennessee State Contractors License. We then changed our name to Remodeling Services Unlimited (and later RSU Contractors). Soon enough, what started as a window washing “company” I started in college blossomed into one of the 100 biggest remodeling companies in the United States.

RSU Contractors have been in business since 1982 and the goal is simple. We want to deliver quality work by professionals to “Create the Most Satisfying, Highest-Quality, Complete Peace-of-Mind remodeling experience for our customers”. While some companies use the word “quality” as a vague term to hide behind because they don’t have anything special to offer, our definition of “quality” is laser-focused and actually means something. It means being obsessed over the details. It means ensuring every aspect of your project (even the small things you can’t see) is done once, done right. It means checking our work multiple times during your project. And it means providing unparalleled customer service, so it feels less like a company working on your project and more your family and friends. While growing the business over the years I have made many new friendships and am thankful for every one of them.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story and I sincerely hope we do business together in the future.

Mark Williams
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