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Nutrition Facts
Nutrition facts and analysis of common foods
Nutrition facts and analysis of common foods

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You might have heard that weight management is one of the most difficult problems facing humanity today. Many billions of dollars are spent on weight loss yearly in US. Techniques for weight managements range from diets, supplements, exercise plans and personal trainers to prescription pills and surgery. In spite of all the resources thrown at the problem and abundance of weight loss methods a large portion of US population is not satisfied with their current weight.

And while there is no silver bullet, journaling is a weight management technique with a growing body of scientific research proving its effectiveness. It is also one of the most affordable weight loss tools you can find.

Weight loss is achieved when you burn more calories than what you consume. Thus journaling for weight loss should focus on two aspect of your life: diet and exercise. Depending on you preference you may choose different levels of details for your journal. Some people describe all food items they eat together with their quantities and compute the number of calories consumed, while others only journal deviation from their diet plan. Similarly with exercise you can dive into the details of your workout or simply log the total number of minutes spent.

In the past the tools for journaling were pen and paper. Nowadays however Internet revolutionized journaling as it did with many other industries. is a cloud based journaling solution that allows you to journal from anywhere and keep all your journal entries safe and secure in the cloud. This mitigates the risk of your family members finding your paper journal as well as ensures that you won't loose it while moving or traveling.

Structured journal is a sectioned journal with prompts that help you to focus on specific goals. At very minimum you should track your weight, deviation from your diet plan and the amount of exercise. To make sure you are always on track sends you a daily reminders when an entry is missing as well as weekly goal status updates.

To this date is 100% free.

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A little know fact is that many common drinks are highly acidic and can destroy your teeth. Here is an article explaining this matter:

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Have you ever wondered what foods are the most rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients? Now there is a simple answer:
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