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Tomasz Cielecki
Baron of Ladonia and Baron of Cheese!
Baron of Ladonia and Baron of Cheese!

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Upgrade notes for MvvmCross 5.x on iOS
This post is just a couple of notes about some of the changes that affected some of my apps when updating to MvvmCross 5.x on Xamarin.iOS. IMvxModalIosView or MvxModalNavSupportIosViewPresenter could not be found MvvmCross has replaced the presenter logic, ...

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Identifying users with HockeyApp
I use HockeyApp for crashes and App analytics. Most of the time users that are logged into the App have different accounts than what they use with HockeyApp, so most of the time I can't use the LoginManager. Instead, to Identify users I do the following ins...

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Firebase Cloud Messaging in Xamarin.Android
I've seen people asking a lot about this lately on XamarinChat Slack . Looking around there does not seem to be any good information on how to get Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) to work in a Xamarin.Android project. I made the switch in one of my apps a mon...

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Face detection on iOS
I've been playing a bit with the Camera on iOS lately and released a photo gallery/camera library called Chafu . iOS provides a fairly easy API to do all sorts of stuff, such as reading bar codes, QR codes and some other types of machine readable codes. It ...

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Improving layout performance on Android
I've been working on improving performance of some of my Xamarin Android apps recently. One of the things I've been hunting down and improving on is GPU overdraw . What this means is how many times the same pixels on the screen are drawn per frame. Minimisi...

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Installing gapps in Visual Studio Android Emulator (Marshmallow)
The images Google provides in the Android SDK are all great and work fine if you have Intel HAXM installed on the machine. However, a lot of developers using Visual Studio, also use Hyper-V to run Windows device emulators. This means Intel HAXM doesn't work...

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A little bit about RESX, Windows 8, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS.

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Using RESX files in PCL for Xamarin and Windows projects
I've been working on a project which is targeted for Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS and Windows 8.1 (non-Silverlight). They are all sharing the same PCL projects for ViewModels, Services etc. Hence, I thought this was an ideal place to chuck in application st...

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New blog post about stuff released the last couple of weeks

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New MvvmCross plugin + new iOS view ports
It has been a busy couple of weeks and the result of this is now available to all of you. ALRadialMenu Last week I released a new NuGet package called ALRadialMenu , which is a port from Swift to C# of Alex Littlejohn's ALRadialMenu . It is simply a menu wh...
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