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Some thoughts on leading change.

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My thoughts on the underlying why and how of agility.

Okay, I'm new to using Blogger. I didn't realize every time I edit a post it would spam my friends. Sorry about that. I'll find out how to turn that off. 

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A transition to Baseball.
Having seen a few slow and stalled business transitions in my day I thought I might describe some patterns in the absurd.  Imagine if you will a business that several years ago had decided to transition to becoming a professional baseball team. If they foll...

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A first step
It always seems hardest for me to take the first step.  Such is the case with this blog. It's been sitting empty for nearly two years as I waffled about any number of subjects.  I've spent hours over those years typing, but somehow never publishing a single...

Reading through the posts here I got nostalgic and pulled out Glass to charge it.
Interested/apprehensive about seeing what works and what doesn't these days.

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So, I've been busy with life for the last 3 months and came back to see what's changed in the wold of #glass
I notice the twiddler 3 keyboard is out. Is it available in the U.S. and does it work with glass?
Has there really only been one update?

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Reflection of the Transamerica Pyramid this morning

From healing to healthy: Coaching teams that have been through failed change

Session started with an activity used to quickly induce a state of learned helplessness and a debrief.  Conversation then moved to ways to add resiliency and help teams move to a healthy stance.

Topics covered:
* Using techniques such as the opening activity to observe and name the states such as learned helplessness to reflect the system back to itself.
* Holding an honest belief that the team can improve.
* Using the lens of appreciative inquiry
* Working to understand the teams motivations for change/resistance
* Follow up
* Create easy win situations for the team to celebrate
* Chartering, use boundary diagrams to help the team see where it has direct control and influence
* Understanding uncertainty
* Discuss the importance of trust
* See Patrick Lencioni's 5 dysfunctions of a team
* Help the team learn to "disagree without being disagreeable"
* Failure isn't about process, it's about creating value
* Discuss defined rolls
* Use root cause analysis to understand previous attempts to change
* Ask the team
* The importance of helping the team see the bigger picture
* Change fatigue
 - See Steven Gould
 - Change happens all the time setting the stage but tends to be perceived as leaps
* See David Kantor - 4 energies on every team
* See Bill Johnson - Polarity Management
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