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I think the real learning embodies new skills, new abilities and new understanding on something. For example, in the math class, the teacher always likes to explain the concepts first, and then he would give us some questions to practice. If I really understood it , I will do them well. If I did not, I might solve several questions, but not most of them. 
Mastery is even though I do not know what I am doing, I can do it well. For example, when I came to Seattle last year, my English was not good enough to understand people said. Although people were always friendly to explain what they said, it was hard for me to understand. After one month, I found people always like to ask the same question (which is "how are you?" but I did not know what the question was at that time.), when they meet someone. The only thing I knew was that the answer of the question was "I am good. Thank you." I would say "I am good. Thank you" when I met anyone, even though they did not ask that question. It was definitely mastery. 
Mastery is not real learning, because we do not real understand it. Sometimes we just get used to do it and do not know what that means. 
About the punishment, I remembered when I was young, my mother wanted me to recite some famous Chinese poems. She asked me to read them loudly many times every day. If I did not do it, she would be angry. Actually, every time I read them, I did not care about what I read. I felt I just read a lot of words, but nor sentences. Of course, I can not remember them. I think punishment is not work for me. I did not understand the poems any more. 
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