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More proof from Science for non-truth seekers to disbelieve.

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A BS excuse to hide his unethical visits from...Russians? The Trump[ Foundation business he is not suppose to be involved with?, prostitutes?, his gay friends?, or ???

Okay, time to go legal again and get a court order to prevent this action.

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I applaud NY for this plan. My take on the rules:
Some as irrelevant. If a student truly wants to go to college they will assist to find a way to deal with most of the things listed below.
It is NOT an unreasonable term that the graduate live and work in the state for two years after graduating. After all that state is funding your education, and this is a small thing to ask.
In 1985 when the government paid for medical school of qualifying applicants the agreement was you were sent to an area few doctors ever chose to work in, and you stayed 10 year.
Be grateful. You are getting an opportunity you may not have had otherwise.

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Medical science has declared life begins when the heartbeat of the embryo begins, partly because one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage (last declaration).

With this fact known, I'd like to hear what argument this Judge would give (other than ending a life) for his choice to allow the elimination of those four methods of birth control.
In reality, these four methods are no different from the other four before the 12 to 16 week mark––they prevent the kick-start of life.

Regarding the Constitution, is there a conflict between the owners’ religious beliefs and the law. The law must reflect "the separation of church and state" and not inflict religious beliefs on citizens, but ethical ones.

"Obamacare" covers ONLY the poorest of poor. If you do not qualify on the then you do not have "Obamacare", but a plan that your own states' Insurance Commissioner chooses for you to pick from––which companies and plan you are offered.
Insurance and big Pharma corporations give big campaign donations to ensure that their (paid for) politicians keep voting in such a way that it does not infringe on their huge profits. One of the ways your Congress person achieves this is to control state choices and they have chosen pricy plans with terrible coverage.
Compare plans between states; what you had to choose from and what others were offered (strong red state vs strong blue state) and it will be obvious what has been happening. It is time to UNITE and stop allowing your Party to pit you against other Americans. This is what greedy politicians want. To keep you busy so you won't see how they are changing laws to protect your rights.…/republican-health-care-bill…/index.html

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Another way for Millionaires to make never ending money...the GOP way !
Bernie Sanders plan for infrastructure was to HIRE the unemployed and underemployed worked of America so they could learn work at their trade, while others can LEARN the trade!
Fascism and Communism want you under their thumb! Tolls will do just that because those making poverty wages will not be able to afford paying Tolls, so they will be limited as to WHERE they can work!
America (including CONGRESS) It is time to grow a pair and stop this insanity––TODAY and not wait until it is too late.
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