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Bruno Borges
Product Manager and Java Evangelist
Product Manager and Java Evangelist

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Oracle Going After Hearts and Minds of Developers with New Event Series

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When you gotta evacuate due to a hurricane but you forgot to $ git push

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When your boss tells you "we're converting to #microservices"...

#cloud #docker #containers

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$ git images
... not a git command
$ docker install
... not a docker command
$ mvn ps
... build failure

Is it just me?

#Docker #Git #Maven

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Bruno Borges commented on a post on Blogger.
"I downloaded the zip an unpacked it to a jar of the same size :-/"

This happens because Oracle products are packed and put for download using an automated system. Some products are larger, and are split into multiple zip files. That's why you also see "Disk1_1of1" in the filename. One may consider this inconvenient, but it's definitely not an issue.

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Testing your #JavaEE application in the @Oracle #Cloud using #Arquillian and #Maven

The two most effective software development processes:

DDD: Deadline-driven Development
PDD: Panic-driven Development

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Did you know ‪#‎Oracle‬ ‪#‎SOASuite‬ is certified on @Docker? Coming soon samples for it
smile emoticon ‪#‎WebLogic‬ ‪#‎Infrastructure‬
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