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Once a purpose is finalized focus is needed. But focus is
not enough if it is sporadic. No project worth undertaking can be completed
unless it is tackled tenaciously and continuously. Only then can a project be
competed. In a fast-paced world of immediates...

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Singleness of Purpose
Every true Child of God desires to change the world, by the
advancing of Christ’s Kingdom for His Glory. Only the sincere regenerate sets
forth his or her life in consistent self-sacrificial service to the living and
reigning Christ. They alone understand t...

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WHY do professing Christians do what they do? This question
holds the key to whether or not those who profess Christianity are actually
being faithful. Too often we focus upon the HOW rather than the WHY. But it is
the WHY that is critical to the WHAT and t...

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Reformation Action
“Reformation ends not in
contemplation but in action.”  George Gillespie (1613-1648)                                                No cultural solution of
value is achieved merely from ambition or a sense of duty. Solutions arise as a
result of their need ...

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Reformation: Then and Now
The stability of today’s Reformed Christianity, especially
those of the Theonomic, Christian Reconstruction adherents, is in danger. As
with most movements the destruction rarely comes from without but rather from
within. This seems to be the case today. As...

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Social Transmission Theology
According to 1 Corinthians 1:18 the Gospel itself is the
power of God to all those that are called. The method of its disbursement is
through the economy of preaching; or to put it another way, by word of mouth
marketing. This ancient strategy, of what is n...

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Intensity of Purpose
In order to accomplish those things which are important, an intensity
of purpose is required. Whenever we set out to do something of extreme importance we tend to focus upon
it until it is completed. Focus is one of the key ingredients needed, which can

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Christian Reconstruction: No Laughing Matter
Reconstruction The question concerning the reconstruction of the culture
according to the Law-Word of God is no laughing matter, neither is it something
to reject out of hand. It is a very real doctrine which is emphasized and repeated
over and ov...

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The Essentials of Christian Reconstruction
In Greg McKeown’s book, ‘Essentialism’, he asks a very
pointed question that every Christian who is interested in cultural
reconstruction must ask. Quoting from Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang he writes,
“The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non...

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Stop Reading
Stop Reading Quite a strange admonishment from someone who believes reading and study is essential to Biblical leadership  and cultural reconstruction. So why make the statement? Reading vs Doing The reason behind reading is to teach and then train individu...
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