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Did you know you can easily save $10, $15 and even more on your Six Flags Great America Fright Fest ticket? #sixflags   #greatamerica   #frightfest   #gurnee  

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If you're planning to go to Six Flags this season, be sure and check out this updated list of places to get Six Flags discount tickets for 2015, including coke cans and other coupons!

#sixflags   #greatamerica   #chicago   #gurnee   

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Looking for a quick way to save more than $20 on a one day general admission ticket to Six Flags Great America, Chicago for 2015? It's simple...Buy your discount ticket at the Gurnee, IL Jewel grocery store before going to the theme park! 
#sixflags    #greatamerica    #chicago   #themepark   #gurnee  

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Here's a list of ways to save on Fright Fest Tickets at +Six Flags Great America in Chicago, IL.

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If you're planning on going to #SixFlags Great America this summer in Chicago, be sure to check out this list of 10 places to get coupons and discounts for the 2013 season.
  #amusementparks #greatamerica #gurnee  

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Want to get a big discount on your next #sixflags great america one-day admission ticket? Be sure and buy your ticket at Jewel-Osco and save more than $20 off the full-price/main gate price!

#chicago #amusementparks #sixflagsgreatamerica #gurnee  

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I took this survey to help out +Paul Maplesden and it only took 5 minutes or less. I think it's great how you can get feedback like this from other G+ members.
Please, share your expertise and feedback with me

Hi folks, just a reminder that I am currently seeking feedback from my fellow small business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs on some business ideas that I am researching.

I would be very grateful for your views, I have created a survey explaining the ideas that will only take five minutes of your time. If you're interested, and want to help out a fellow community member, that would be great! You can access the survey here:

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Happy early birthday +marye audet. This cake looks absolutely delicious. Of course, you had me at chocolate & mint.

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For the first time ever, you can ride Batman The Ride - backwards at #sixflags #greatamerica for a limited time, beginning in May when the  #themepark opens for the season.

Incredibly, daily admission tickets are only $20.13 on opening weekend! (I wonder if they'll be $20.14 next year?)

#chicago   #gurnee  

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