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I make stuff on the interwebs and such...
I make stuff on the interwebs and such...

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If anyone has a spare #Inbox invite, I would be happy to take it off your hands. 

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Spotify just introduced me to "the Head and the Heart". Awesome find! 

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Umm... Awesome!
Happy #independenceday

The chemistry of 4th July fireworks. I think a couple of these might be mislabeled. The fact remains that the science of fireworks is incredibly complex, and really freaking awesome!

Sodium produces yellow/gold colors. Barium creates green, copper compounds produce blue, strontium salts give you red and titanium metals give you silver colored sparks. 

Other commonly used chemicals are carbon which provides the fuel, oxidizers which produce oxygen for burning, magnesium which increases the overall brilliance and brightness, antimony that gives you a "glitter" effect and calcium which deepens the colors.

h/t to IFLS for the great pic!

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A glimpse of what will soon be the new home for +Matchbox Design Group 

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Crazy to think that it's been 10 years...  Congrats #wp10  

I have a client that I'm working on building a site network for.  They are a large company that has many unrelated departments but they need to be under the umbrella of the main company so we are using subdomains.  (i.e.

What I'm struggling with is how to share their news between the sites.  I'm using WordPress multisite and would like to have a news item show on the division site and on the main site but I'm worried about how to handle the duplicate content.  I'm also not sure how to handle where to send the link/user.  The corporate news feed needs to be there but I would prefer to drive the traffic to the division page.

I currently have two thoughts on this:
1. Create the post on the subdomain and use the "Push Syndication" plugin to post to the same post to the corporate site.

2. Create the post on the subdomain and then post a summary using the link post format on the corporate site linking back to the original post.

Any thoughts are much appreciated.  I would also love to have some other opinions on pros and cons of each.

Thanks in advance.

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Here's my shameless referral link for #Copy an alternative to #DropBox and #GoogleDrive.  Get an extra 5gb of storage (for a 20gb total) when you use this link, I will get an extra 5gb too!

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