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8x AALAS Award-winner, Serial entrepreneur since 21 yrs old. Seen on #CentricTV, #BET, #LITISH #Essence, & #VibeVixen
8x AALAS Award-winner, Serial entrepreneur since 21 yrs old. Seen on #CentricTV, #BET, #LITISH #Essence, & #VibeVixen

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Check out this awesome feature of Hip Hop weekly at the Urban Book Bash and Screening this past weekend. This is a awesome media event that our authors were able to partake in. Like and share :)

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From Main Chick to Mistress by M. Skye hits your #Kindle this #Wednesday.

After her husband of fifteen years dumped her, Elizabeth Pearson decided the best revenge would be to become the very thing she despised most a mistress…
Embarking on a racy affair with her ex-husband, Cedric, Liz gets the best of both worlds, while sticking it to him and his new bride, Felicia. Having the most fun and the best sex life she has ever had, Elizabeth soon discovers divorce may have been the best thing that ever happened to her.
With new players in the mix, and love and money on the line, Elizabeth has to decide if she wants Cedric, or if he’s just a loose end to tie in her quest for revenge. 


Tapping away on my keyboard, I came to terms with the fact that I wasn’t about to get a thing done and got up to peer out the window. Placing my hands on the window sill, I sighed, only to feel a pair of hands on my shoulders. When I turned to find Liz standing behind me, I almost came out of my skin. This was my office, my job where my wife could pop in at any moment, but damn, she looked good.

She was standing before me in a killer red suit with a short skirt that showed off too much of her smooth legs and I was breathless. She looked nothing like the broken woman I had left in bed days ago. This woman was the sexy siren I had married all those years ago.

After staring at her for a few minutes, I stepped forward only to have her step back. “What brings you by?” Reaching her hand out to me, she shook it a little and I accepted, realizing she was attempting to return her wedding ring once again. “I told you to keep that.”

“And I told you I didn’t want it.” Dropping it in my hand, she turned on her heels fast and I had to step forward to catch her.

“Wait, you came all the way here for that? Is there something else you wanted?”

Offering her a smile, I watched as she smiled back and shook her head. “No, well, actually, that’s a lie. I wanted to tell you in person that I’ve changed the locks to the house. You shouldn’t have the need to, but if you did decide to stop by, you won’t be able to get in. I’ve also alerted the people at the office not to let you in, so if you need me, you’ll need to call first.”

I didn’t know why, but her declaration pissed me off. I knew she was probably trying to cut ties to make it easier for both of us, but in my mind, I gathered that she was trying to make room for another man to occupy my position. As much as I knew I should have just accepted her terms, I wasn’t letting it go down like that. She wasn’t going to just cut me off. Not before I had the final say.

Rushing around her and slamming the door in her face before she could leave, I saw her jump and pushed her against the wall. “Not so fast.” Stopping in mid-sentence, I realized she came in here with my favorite fragrance on, hair all done up, and nails freshly manicured. I didn’t know what she thought she was pulling, but she wasn’t going to step in here all salon fresh, diss me, and walk out like nothing happened. We meant more than that. Hell, if I could come to her like a man and admit my shit, she was going to do the same.

“Where do you think you’re going, Liz?”

“Back to work, I would presume. I pushed a few meetings back to stop by and handle this, so now, I’m on my way.”

“Handle this? So now I’m something to be handled?”

“Not something,” she hissed with venom dripping from her words, “someone.”

Damn, now that was cold. I guess I deserved it but that didn’t make it any easier to hear. I know I started this when I left, but what happened to the tears and sadness? I didn’t sense anger or anything; actually, I didn’t sense anything at all.

Running my hand over her flawless cheeks, I expected to at least get a shiver or some sort of reaction, but there was nothing. Looking at her perfectly made up face, I saw my past. It was fucked up what I did, but even I didn’t expect her to pull herself together so fast. There had to be something I was missing, hell, someone.

Without thinking, I let my next comment fly out and saw a smirk appear on her face. “Who are you fucking?” Letting off a laugh that completely pissed me off, she cocked her head to the side and sent me a glare that was truly wicked. “I’m serious.”

“Any…” She flicked her finger over my lips. “…and every man I want. I’m a free agent, baby; so I’m freeing my damn self. The sooner we get it understood that you can’t just come popping up on me, I’ll be able to do what I please.”

Not able to contain my anger, I snatched her and held her against my chest. “If you even think about taking another man to the house I built, I’ll fuck you and him up.”

“Why can’t I? You brought a bitch there.” Throwing her hands out, she made me release her and stepped back. “You don’t get to dictate to me anymore. You wanted out, now you’re out. Stay out of my life.”

Watching her storm to the door, I couldn’t help it when I raced over, dragging her back to me. I couldn’t let that stand. I couldn’t let her just walk away. Locking the door as I tossed her over my shoulder, I had to ignore the kicking and screaming as I sat her down on my desk. Holding her still, I tried to contain this wild woman with no such luck. She was acting a damn fool, showing her ass until I pushed her legs apart stepping between them.

Once we were face to face, eye level, she slowed down and looked me in the eye. I could see the fire burning in her copper orbs and placed a hand on her neck. Before I could stop it, my lips were on hers and my tongue was fighting against her resistance. Forcing her to kiss me back, I gripped her hair and snatched her head to the side.

“Uh, stop...” she moaned. I knew not really meaning it because her grip on me was tight. Her hands were squeezing my ass and I knew she wanted the D. She could lie and say she didn’t all day, but I knew better. Her mouth was saying no, but the rest of her was screaming fuck me right here on this desk, and who was I to deny that need? After all, she was clearly too fragile to be getting it anywhere else right now. I figured I was doing her a favor; someone had to look out for her best interests.

Pre order your copy today at*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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Last night was a night to remember. Producing a program that celebrates African American Authors and our black artists is HARD. It took a team of genuine souls who helped this vision come into fruition. Thank you for another great year. The #AAMBCAwards will return next year with more celebs, more great authors, and of course more great readers!

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"Tamika is the definition of Urban Fiction success. She can build a story that holds your attention, deliver a climax reminiscent of your favorite Prince song, with characters so developed you have to double check to make sure you didn't give her the rights to your life story. " This review on my novel, The Words I Didn't Say is EVERYTHING!

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Sm)ile...even if you think you don't have a reason to smile. 😃😃😃☺️☺️By now you know I'm giving away a business scholarship to my one day Writing & Publishing class in Atlanta with Serial entrepreneur Tressa Smallwood.  It's all going down this Sunday, June 12th. You need to be there if you're still procrastinating about getting your book on the shelves this year!!! Meet me in person & learn the do'd & dont's in publishing. 
I'm announcing the winner tomorrow night at 9pm ( EST) on Social Media. To win ... Simply post a video explaining why you should be the winner! Include any info on what you're writing & how long it's been. Be sure to tag @ceoazarel &@bossladytamika on #Instagram Use the hashtag#Atlantabookwritingcontest. Good luck! 📝📝📝

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