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Solid Edge has had the command Insert Part Copy for a long
time.  Insert Part Copy functions by
allowing you to insert the geometric body of an existing Part, Sheet Metal or
Assembly file into another Part or Sheet Metal file.  The geometric body can be opt...

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Solid Edge Wins Big at the “Slots”!
Solid Edge ST5 introduced a new “Slot” feature to make
creating slots much more efficient than past methods.  You may have overlooked this feature in ST5
and future versions due to its nested button location on the ribbon, so I
thought I would reintroduce t...

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Dimension Projection Line Breaks
Often when placing dimensions on drawings, the projection
lines of some dimensions will cross the projection lines of other dimensions as
shown below. Solid Edge provides a function to automatically create breaks in one
extension line where it crosses an...

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Solid Edge Adminstrator
QUESTION: You have a group of users using Solid Edge, you ask them to all use the same settings for consistency, but there are so many that it's tedious to keep track of and not everybody agrees with all the setting choices so some don't comply... What's an...

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Siemens PLM Solid Edge Community BLOG
I just want to draw attention to some activity that has been occurring over the past few months with regards to Siemens PLM's Solid Edge. A few months ago a new site was launched by Siemens PLM and was touted as a Community site.  As part of this, there is ...

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Solid Edge ST7
Solid Edge ST7 is not due for release until July 2014, but it appears it is actively being worked on by SE Development as witnessed by a recent post from Dan Staples on the GTAC Solid Edge discussion group where he revealed a new enhancement by accident.  W...

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