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Mappe viaggi e vacanze itinerari natura scienza e tecnologia
Mappe viaggi e vacanze itinerari natura scienza e tecnologia

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Per il primo stralcio del #NododiRastignano c’è una data: il 2018. Il resto dell’opera che collegherà #Bologna, San Lazzaro di Savena e #Pianoro non ha tempi di realizzazione certi. Dai un’occhiata all’intero tracciato.

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‪#‎pistaciclabile‬ ‪#‎‎marzabotto‬ ‪#‎percorsonatura‬ #valledelreno

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random #mountains
Step 1: google map an image of some random mountains.  Step 2: google map some industrial factory area in Michigan.  Step 3: get creative in photoshop and make it look like a spy satellite view of a hidden enemy base located in some remote location.  Step 4: now I gotta map out the base :-P

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un mondo possibile ....  #venus   #venusproject  
Please like and share to help us spread our reach and educate the world of a viable alternative to the current system that would solve most of todays problems. Science, technology and the intelligent use of resources could create a world where poverty, war and unnecessary human suffering are viewed as not only avoidable, but completely unacceptable. We have the knowledge and resources today to create a quality of life much higher than even the richest people of today, for everyone in the world. The Venus Project Beyond Politics, Poverty and War Paradise or Oblivion (45 min Documentary) Paradise or Oblivion

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Centro Commerciale #outlet a San Giovanni in Persiceto.

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Look at the surroundings and guess where you are with #Geoguessr, the online game based on #GoogleMaps

Geoguessr: Play with Google Maps!

Geoguessr is a geography game based on Google Maps, created by Anton Wallén, a 29 years old programmer from Sweden.

Playing is simple: you are dropped randomly around the world on Google Street View, and have to figure out where you are. The closer you get, the more points you are awarded

You can look around, searching for any clues that would help, like road signs, flags, clothes.
But often you will be left in the middle of nowhere, and mistake Canada for Scandinavia, Mexico for Albania.

Besides being addictive, it is also a way to discover unexpected and surprising similarities between far away places , both materially and culturally.

According to Wallén, the game it’s been getting 200.000 to 300.000 unique visitors per day, and he’s received many emails from people getting together to organize tournaments in their workplaces or schools, parents/children and couples playing as a team and also a lot of teachers allowing their students to play during their classes.

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Da Sabato 29 Giugno a Domenica 21 Luglio 2013, il 100°  Tour de France sarà composto da 21 tappe e coprirà una distanza totale di 3.479 km 
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