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Jon-Paul Maki
Comic Geek, Amateur Artist, Recluse.
Comic Geek, Amateur Artist, Recluse.

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The inaugural blog post for my new site.  OpenDoor Comics is an open and inclusive platform that removes the barriers to entry for consumers and creators in the field of comic art and storytelling, providing support and collaborative tools for creators from all backgrounds.  Or at least, it will be...

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This Is The Beginning
I started this blog all the way back in 2004 without any clear focus or sense of purpose, and with the hope that 1. I would eventually settle on some sort of vision for what I wanted it to be about and 2. In the process, it would develop some kind of audien...

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Longest Road Trip EverAnand
And when I arrive at my destination, the moose out front will tell me the park's closed.

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Anyone Got An Extra $2800 Lying Around?
And while you're at it, you might as well thrown in an extra $400 for the stand... In my last post I made a reference to how the one thing I really wanted for Christmas (I didn't get it, in case you were wondering) was a Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch. It's just a...

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Ten %@!#ing Years!
Click to embiggen. ...and it wouldn't be a Threshold Birthday Extravaganza without also wishing a very happy birthday to the always lovely and always talented Carla Gugino ! The Unofficial Patron Saint of Threshold standing at the threshold.

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Fourteen (NSFW) #ThrowupThursday
There's a tradition in the social media sphere known as "Throwback Thursday," in which some artifact of the past is post with all of the requisite hashtaggery. Given that this particular #tbt falls on a very particular day, I thought I'd share the - NSFW - ...

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I Know That Fear, Bro
In my previous post, I mentioned that Dwight McCarthy –
who has been portrayed in film by both Clive Owen and now Josh Brolin – is my
favorite character from Frank Miller’s Sin City . I’m sure most people would rank Marv as their favorite,
and I can’t say t...

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What A Difference 9 Years Make
In 2005, I eagerly anticipated* the release of the movie based on Frank Miller's Sin City . If you were reading this blog back then, you no doubt saw my many posts on the subject.  When it was released in theaters, I actually took the day off just so that I...

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Late To The (Costume) Party
Almost two weeks ago - an eternity in Internet Time - DC unveiled the new design for Batgirl's costume (and a new creative team for the Batgirl series). It broke the Internet in half, as fans declared their love for it and flooded the Intertubes with their ...

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Giving The People What They Want
The other day I decided that I needed a new profile picture for Facebook, and given that I'm rarely photographed by other people, and there was no one around, I opted to go the selfie route. I took several shots, but there was only one than I actually liked...
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