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Bruce Campbell
Usually five years ahead of the curve. This is typically not a good thing.
Usually five years ahead of the curve. This is typically not a good thing.

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This could save your life! Or at least your revenue!

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THIS is where it's going! If you've ever heard me rant about digital media and the copyright wars, this is what I mean. Scum, money-grubbing scum.
Canipre Admits It's Behind Voltage-TekSavvy File Sharing Lawsuits With Speculative Invoicing Scheme

Canipre, a Montreal-based intellectual property rights enforcement firm, has admitted that it is behind the Voltage file sharing lawsuits involving TekSavvy in what is described as a "speculative invoicing" scheme. Often referred to as copyright trolling, speculative invoicing involves sending hundreds or thousands of demand letters alleging copyright infringement and seeking thousands of dollars in compensation. Those cases rarely - if ever - go to court as the intent is simply to scare enough people into settling in order to generate a profit.

Canadian Business reports that Canipre's goal is to import the speculative invoicing strategy to Canada and that it found a willing partner in Voltage Pictures. Canipre collected thousands of IP addresses that are alleged to have downloaded Voltage films and Voltage is now asking the Federal Court to order TekSavvy to disclose the subscriber names linked to the IP addresses. 

The Canipre admission is important because it is consistent with arguments that the case involves copyright trolling and that the Federal Court should not support the scheme by ordering the disclosure of subscriber contact information...

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Check this. Amazing living anthropology work.

When I refresh my G+ feed, why do I suddenly feel like I'm shopping at The Bay?

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REALLY? This is pretty awful!
For the past half year, you've been sending your username and password to the Apple App store in clear text. No shit. Anybody could have your username and password.

I don't EVER want to hear somebody telling me how secure iOS is ever again. This is completely and totally unacceptable. 

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This is splendiferous.

Prodigal? What the phuque does that EVEN mean?

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Nice deconstruction of the spin put onto the world of knowledge work. Interesting to note how this has been going on for a very long time—my experiences prior to dot bomb elicit a déjà vu too response.
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