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A scientific, natural and effective cure for jet lag
A scientific, natural and effective cure for jet lag

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Finally, an All-Natural Solution to Jet Lag That Actually Works

Here is a review written by Linda Wells, beauty editor-at-large of New York Magazine: The CUT discussing her experience using a StopJetLag Plan on her recent trip from New York City to Tokyo.

"In fact, I felt almost obnoxiously perky every day until bedtime. It was practically a miracle."

You can get your own StopJetLag Plan at >>

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Learn more about Dover, England from +Rick Steves Europe​ in this video.

#England #Europe
Stand frozen in time at England's historic Dover Castle.

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Are you ready for some magic?

h/t +Denise Wakeman

#travel #adventure #AdventuresInVisibility

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StopJetLag with Trip Notes released for iPhone and iPad

StopJetLag Trip Notes at your fingertips

With the StopJetLag with Trip Notes release you now have your StopJetLag trip notes at your fingertips when you travel. Read helpful ideas for addressing the nuances of the specific flights on your trip as written up for you by a StopJetLag team member.

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+Denise Wakeman​ will be jetlag-free on her upcoming adventure to Peru.

#jetlag #AdventuresInVisibility
My ‪#‎AdventureInPeru‬ is taking shape! I'm registered for 2 weeks of Spanish classes with +MAXIMO NIVEL. I have a 4-day trek with +Ukumari Expeditions (Adventure trip sponsor) set up. And, I won't have jet lag when I get there, either. +StopJetLag is also an Adventure sponsor and has created a jetlag-free program for me.

Picture is Ollantaytambo from my 2013 trip.

#Peru #Cusco #adventure

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"Stop Jet Lag really works!"

"I cannot recommend it enough. It's a great program and really works! So if you or someone you know is planning a trip, a longer trip across time zones soon, do go to You'll be glad you did." - Patti Clark

Discover How To Stop Jet Lag on Your Next Trip >>

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Do you need any more reasons to take a road trip through Europe?

h/t Conde NasteTraveler
10 reasons to take a road trip through Europe this summer:

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How about this journey?

h/t +Travel Pro Tips
30 Days of Travel in 2016

Ending the trip in Italy:

"Venice is one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world and I was happy to share it with my family for their first trip there. To get to Venice, we took the direct train from Rome. It was a super-fast train and we got there in only about three hours.

We jumped into a water-taxi from the train station and went right to the Boscolo Hotel in the northern part of the city. It’s quieter up there… hardly any tourists and where a lot of families live.

From there, we went out adventuring all over the place. You gotta do all the touristy things in Venice, eh? Yeah! We did everything from the gondolas to the glass factories to the gelato.

In fact, Scarlett was appointed the Queen of Gelato and it was her job every day to make sure everyone had their daily gelato. The only rule was each day had to be a new flavor!"

Read on and see the destinations with great photos: Stuck in Customs

#Travel #Photography #Travelvideo #Traveltips
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