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Nauman Sadiq
Blogger and geopolitical analyst.
Blogger and geopolitical analyst.

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Trump’s Dramatic Turnaround on Syria: Principles vs Pragmatism
A few weeks ago, couple of caricatures went viral on the
social media. In one of those caricatures, Donald Trump was depicted as a child
sitting on a chair and Putin was shown whispering something into Trump’s ears
from behind. And in the other, Steve Banno...

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Trump Administration's Reversal of Obama Era Policy in Syria
The editor-in-chief of Lebanon’s prestigious al-Akhbar
newspaper, Ibrahim al-Amin, has revealed in his recent editorial [1] that Tulsi
Gabbard, the United States Representative for Hawaii whose trip to Syria in
January and meeting with Bashar al-Assad was w...

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How the Conflict in Syria Benefits Washington’s Allies?
George Bush and King Salman. In the wake of Arab Spring uprisings in March 2011, protests
began in Syria against the government of Bashar al-Assad. In the following
months, violence between demonstrators and security forces led to a gradual
militarization o...

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Trump’s ‘Secret Plan’ to Defeat Islamic State Revealed
Donald Trump and Mohammad bin Salman. On the campaign trail, in his speeches as well as on TV
debates with other presidential contenders, Donald Trump repeatedly mentioned
that he has a ‘secret plan’ for defeating Islamic State without elaborating
what the ...

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How Ambassador Haqqani’s Confession Validates Seymour Hersh’s Account of Bin Laden’s Killing?
Husain Haqqani, Kerry and Zardari. In his March
10 article [1] for the Washington Post, Pakistan’s ambassador to the US at
the time of Osama Bin Laden’s execution, Husain Haqqani, has confessed to his
role in facilitating the assassination of Bin Laden in M...

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How Orientalism pitted Hindus against Muslims in India?
Jinnah and the Mountbattens. The most outstanding feature of Islam is its history; if you
study Islamic history, you would come to realize that Islam did not spread by
force alone, it was the superior moral appeal of its peerless ethics that won
the hearts ...

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How Syrian conflict will play out under Trump Administration?
A recent article in the Washington Post has carried a rather
paradoxical headline: “ Hezbollah,
Russia and the US help Syria retake Palmyra ,” but it also offers clues
as to how the Syrian theater of proxy wars might transform under the new Trump
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