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Local Internet Marketing for Offline Businesses
Local Internet Marketing for Offline Businesses

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I always dread talking politics because it's so heated.  But I love watching it from a marketing perspective.  Would love to know what you think.

Daylight savings time starts this Sunday! Wooo Hooo. Bring on the spring!

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Free Mobile Website From Mike Brooks CT Local Internet Marketing for people who attend a live tv taping I am doing tomorrow.
Free Mobile Website From Mike Brooks CT Local Internet Marketing.MOV

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That's awesome
How to freak people out: flying humans!

These bigger-than-life-size human-shaped, remote-controlled flying humans can be yours for $345.

Called the RcSuperhero, the airplanes are made out of laser-cut foam, carbon fiber and other light materials and weigh only 3.3 pounds.

I want one.

Props to +Greg Tanous

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Wordpress users; here's a great little cheat sheet to help you do some advanced stuff.

In a Google Plus hangout with Dino Dogan of Triberr right now. We're discussing Stumble Upon. Hangouts are pretty cool. Going to be tough on Skype and other meeting type tools.

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It's just another lazy Sunday... Just for fun but these guys really are a great example of using social media to bring even more success.

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How Apple can solve its China problem.

Apple is on the brink of becoming the poster child for worker abuse. Journalists and rights organizations are starting to draw attention to the enormous contrast between Apple’s quarterly billions in profits, and the desperate plight of abused workers in China.

And the closer you look, the uglier this issue gets. And it threatens to damage Apple’s long-term prospects for continued growth and success.

Here’s the problem, and also what Apple can do about it.

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Truly amazing how the internet community was able to, in virtually one day, take down SOPA. The people have spoken and, for a change, won!
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