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A relaxing late evening walk that starts in the Chagaramas Golf Course and continues up Bamboo Cathedral to the lookout point. A short trail from the lookout point leads down to Macqueripe Beach. The estimated walking distance 3km.  Please note It is fun to hike in the rain and bathing at the beach is optional.

On Sat 8th July Macqueripe Beach Night Hike

Assembly 7 pm Chagaramas Golf Course

Walk Starts at 730 pm

Finish by 10.30pm

Rating 3 Fair on mostly flat pitch road.

The walk is suitable for children 7years and up

Please bring 1. a torchlight 2.  an extra change of clothing just in case it rains 3. a refreshment to share after the hike.   

For more details contact. Mario: 749-2956, Jamal: 761-1889 or Marcia 490-2421 or www.islandhikers.comue

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Rio Seco Waterfall….Sunday 4th May’14
One of the best places to get a refreshing river splash is at Rio Seco Waterfall. At the base, there is a large plunge pool with shallow and deep areas for bathing. The adventurist can climb the falls for a fifteen foot dive into the crystal clear water. The bands of rock that encircle the falls create a relaxing sensation for nature lovers to sit and enjoy the magnificent scenery. The towering Mora forest adds beauty to the already picturesque landscape. It is one of the most attractive spots for an out-door recreation and part of the Matura National Park an Environmentally Sensitive Area declared by the E.M.A in 2004. The Forestry Division and Ministry of Tourism recognising the potential has fixed the muddy road and erected signs so visitors can easily access the area. 

  Rio Seco is a Spanish word that means dry-river and one may wonder how this continuous supply of water could become depleted. At various sections in the upper course, the water submerges and the river bed becomes dry. Upstream, at the mouth on one of its tributaries are the sulfur springs where yellow deposits can be seen oozing from the rocks. Situated downstream there are additional pools and gorges worth discovering. Two kilometers before it reaches the sea at Saline Bay, there is a confluence of the Rio Seco River and the main stem the larger Salybia River.

The road which leads to the falls, located on the east coast just after Matura Bay and opposite to the popular Salybia Beach. The walk from where the vehicles parked is 1.2km and will take thirty-five minutes with the highest elevation 168 metres. The trail wide and clear shaded by the canopy of the rain-forest and placed at the top of the bank. Along the way, there are two small streams to cross and the echoing call of the bell-bird heard distinctly throughout the forest.

On Sunday, 4th May'14 Island Hikers family hike to Rio Seco Waterfall. For more information contact or Mario 749-2956, Jamal 761-1889 or Marcia 490-2421

Rating ....3 fair

Assembly: 7.00am at Corner of O'Meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt High-way, Arima.

Hiking time: 35 minutes

Bring along an extra change of clothing and footwear to be left in the vehicle.

Note: life jackets provided for those who wish to swim in the deep areas of the pool.

Security provided for vehicles.$20.00

Cost of hike $40.00

Car pool transport to Rio Seco $40.00 extra
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Mermaid Pool (family hike)......On Sunday 6th April’14
          Matura with its 7 miles of  beach is one of the best places to see the nesting of the leatherback turtles but within this vast landscape of dense forest, there is a river, timeless and patient just waiting to be explored to reveal the true magnificence. A top choice for nature lovers is the Matura River with its fascinating pools, waterfalls and gorges. The most popular destinations are the Mermaid Pool and the Manulot Falls. The majestic trees that border,the bank,creates a relaxing atmosphere and add splendor to the already picturesque landscape. Villagers called the area Mermaid Pool because it is a thrill to sit on the surrounding rocks and carelessly sway one’s feet in the soothing water. 
          The journey to Mermaid Pool can be started at Thomas Trace situated just before The Matura Outreach Centre. The walk down to the river will take thirty–five minutes, and the trail decorated by miles of towering pine trees (pinus caribae). During the dry season, the Matura Forest is vulnerable to bushfires and to preserve the environment the Forestry Division planted pine trees. These trees can withstand the pressures of bush fires and at the same time beautify the landscape. There is a fire observation tower built to oversee the terrain.
To access the point known as Mermaid Pool one has to cross the river on two occasions at the knee level. The sun shining on the crystal clear waters radiate vibrant colors of emerald green. Further upstream there are numerous pools worth exploring, and there is the Manulot Falls a truly mind-blowing place. 
        Over the years, the area has become increasingly popular, and visitors can protect their environment by carrying out litter and avoid cooking which can lead to bush fires. Vehicle parking is safe and upon leaving a donation is given to the humble residents.
On Sunday 6th April’14 Island Hikers family hike to Mermaid Pool.
Rating: 2 easy (35 minutes one-way)
Assembly: 7.00am Corner of O'meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima.
Depart to Matura by 7.45am to the starting point of the hike.
Registration on the morning of the hike
For more info call hike leaders: Marcia 490 242, Jamal 761- 1889, Mario749-2956, Dennis 678-2768, Robin 681-1389, Danny 372-7798 or
April 1, 2014
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