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A Canvas Of The Minds
A unique collaboration of different perspectives on mental health and life
A unique collaboration of different perspectives on mental health and life

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Still trying to make up for lost time by sharing Canvas posts.  This is an especially insightful read from +Cate Reddell. 

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I consider myself to be just one among 7 billion human beings. If I were to think of myself as different from others, or as something special, it would create a barrier between us. What makes us the same is that we all want to lead happy lives and gather friends around us. And friendship is based on trust, honesty and openness.

A Canvas Of The Minds turned three this month!

"I don’t think either of us had a clue of what it would eventually become, which was key.  We had ideas and hopes and dreams, but I’ll tell you all now that I never expected then to be where we — and I — are now.  I think a little blind naïveté is just what we need sometimes."

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Trying to catch up on sharing out Canvas posts - this one comes from me (Ruby).

"There are a great many limiting factors which are not under my control right now.  This is an incontrovertible truth.  And  I know all of them intimately, they have been what has kept me company, all that has really been with me recently.  With me, in me, around me; clinging to me, invading me, engulfing me like chloroform. . .

"But I decided last night that I will not give in any more.  I’m going to break down these walls of “can’t”.  I helped build them, but that means I know best how to break them."

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A wonderful post by +Sid Dunnebacke about how not all forms of therapy work for all individuals.

"The rational challenge, as it is called in the version of CBT we’re using, was the hardest part.  In fact, I felt that I was making up my responses to the rational challenge.  I could see that they were good thoughts, and indeed should be the way I was thinking, but I didn’t believe them for a second.  I told my therapist that, and he knew I didn’t.  His reply was essentially a simple “fake it ’til you make it”.  It was a curt way of saying I had to practice.  It wasn’t something that was going to come overnight."

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In case you missed it, +Claudia Petrilli wrote a great piece for Canvas recently that sparked much thoughtful discussion:

"It also looks like what scholars are uncomfortable the most, other than the restriction on what they teach, is the use of the words trigger and warning. Some admit that they do give students a heads up about a difficult subject, only that they don’t use “trigger warning” when they do."

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An extremely thought-provoking piece from +Cate Reddell:

"Think about this for a moment… where do everyday people get their information about mental illness and what it is like to live with?  There’s really not that much information out there, unless you go specifically hunting for it and that makes me think that people get their information from movies, television, news stories and jokes.  From the media.  Personally I find that a little frightening because too often it’s not very accurate."

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Our +Laura P. Schulman raises a very serious and important question here about mental health, somatic health, doctors, and stigma:

"Unfortunately, most doctors are under the impression that if you have a [psychiatric] diagnosis, that automatically puts you in the category of “crock,” which means your symptoms are completely invalidated from moment one. . . Nice, huh?"

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So something pretty incredible is going on, and the place to read about it is +Claudia Petrilli's latest Canvas post.  Hint:  It includes +Sid Dunnebacke.  :)

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