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+Google Australia you have ruined my working day! I have recently signed up for analytics and adwords for my website and by using chrome have created application shortcuts to my desktop, these are now always open and I am absolutely fascinated by how many times my keywords are searched for and how many visitors I am getting to my site. This has resulted in less of my work being done because I am watching the other screens instead of concentrating on what I should be doing!

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Someone needs to see and read this today! #youcandoit

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41 Business Lessons From Innovative People!
Business Tips

Here is a little taste of their business and marketing advice:

1. Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx: Overcome your fear of failure.

2. Seth Goldman, founder of Honest Tea: Invest in guerrilla marketing.

3. Chris Anderson, founder of Future Publishing and CEO of Ted Talks: Don’t just follow your own passions.

4. Steve Blank, founder of E.Piphany: Be comfortable breaking rules.

5. Matt Blumberg, founder of Return Path: Keep track of your time—religiously.

6. Rodney Brooks, founder of iRobot and Heartland Robotics: Be unreasonable.

7. Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar: Maintain flexible values.

8. Steve Case, founder of AOL and Chairman and CEO of Revolution LLC: Hire a scalable team.

9. Marc Cenedella, founder of TheLadders: Translate ideas into relatable concepts.

10. Jeff Bussgang, founder of Open Market, UPromise and Flybridge Capital Partners: Make time for your family.

11. Chip Conley, founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality: Take advantage of being an outsider.

12. Jeff Dachis, founder of Razorfish and The Dachis Group: Endure critics, even if they’re laughing at you.

13. Michael and Ellen Diamant, founders of Skip*Hop: If you’re failing, you’re innovating.

14. Chris Dixon, founder of SiteAdvisor, Founder Collective and Hunch: Daily rejections mean you’re forging forward.

15. Marc Eckō, founder of Marc Eckō Enterprises: Let your experience (and the advice of others) guide you.

16. Kevin Efrusy, founder of IronPlanet, Corio and general partner at Accel: Be willing to risk everything on your radical idea.

17. Caterina Fake, founder of Flickr, Hunch and Findery, and chairman of Etsy: Keep your anxiety to yourself.

18. Mitch Free, founder of Be wary of toxic comparisons.

19. Lisa Gansky, founder of Ofoto: It’s okay to be paranoid.

20. Tom Gardener, founder of The Motley Fool: Ask yourself why you’re being paid.

21. Eileen Gittens, founder of Blurb: Take off the rose colored glasses.

22. Charles Best, founder of Use your good fortune to breed more.

23. Joe Green, founder of Causes: Have a strong vision but be open to adjustments.

24. Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water: Make your brand epic.

25. Scott Heiferman, founder of i-traffic, Fotoglog and Meetup: Let your obsessions and curiosities drive you, but make sure they’re useful.

26. Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn: Execute an idea when everyone else still thinks it’s crazy.

27. Jeffrey Hollender, founder of Seventh Generation and American Sustainable Business Council: Research potential investors.

28. Ben Horowitz, founder of Opsware: Don’t succumb to “incrementalism.”

29. Tony Hsieh, founder of LinkExchange and Venture Frogs, and CEO of Zappos: Early on, hire people who can take on any role.

30. Cyrus Massoumi, founder of ZocDoc: Maintaining focus means different things at different times.

31. Jim McCann, founder of Build a network of company “alumni.”

32. Stephen and Heidi Messer, founders of Linkshare: Categorize your to-do list by “air,” “water” and “food.”

33. Elon Musk, founder of PayPal, Spacex, Tesla Motors and chairman of SolarCity: Wishful thinking is toxic.

34. Jacqueline Novogratz, founder of Acumen Fund: Be humble.

35. Hosain Rahman, founder of Jawbone: Everything you produce is a prototype.

36. Adeo Ressi, founder of and The Founder Institute: Tap potential.

37. Linda Rottenberg, founder of Endeavor Global: Say no.

38. Kevin Ryan, founder of AlleyCorp and CEO of Gilt Groupe: Ideas are important, but execution is key.

39. Kirill Sheynkman, founder of Stanford Technology Group, Plumtree Software and Elastra Corporation, and managing director of RTP Ventures: Be directly involved.

40. Jeff Stewart, founder of Mimeo, Urgent Career and Lenddo: Develop an obsession with technology.

41. Jay Walker, founder of Walker Digital and Priceline: Be solution-oriented instead of people-oriented.

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