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What use is LVM mirroring if it never degrades properly?

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Hey +Toronto Transit Commission​, this bus should be here by now and it's barely left the station. No wonder the drivers call it the easiest route ever; no-one has time to wait around for it. 

So is a real domain name. ICANN's really making good use of their ability to create new TLDs, aren't they?

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I'm doing some expenses again this year, and it seems that +GnuCash's (2.6.4 this time) exchange oddities are showing once again.

As an example, I have several foreign currency (US) sub-accounts under some parent account like "Dining" or "Gifts". All transactions are to a "Credit Card" account with individual exchange rates set to the default currency (CAD). Yet the parent shows some completely different number that is neither the US value nor the CAD value. If I run an "Account Summary" report, the value for the account shows yet another value that doesn't correspond with the first three.

Hi +Tobias Ussing,
It seems like you haven't updated the Google Drive git-annex plugin in nearly a year. May you no longer use it, and that's fine.
But there are some forks out there that fix some pretty important bugs, so do you think you might want to "officially" transfer ownership to someone else?
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