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Nowadays, schools; whether K-12, preschools, Primary, Elementary, High Schools, or even the universities and colleges are having an increasing demand to streamline the learning process while managing the school enterprise resources in an optimum way.

School Management Software in our point of view has to integrate three major systems in order to provide the school what it needs from building the school infrastructure in the system to administer the whole school ERP as well as managing the learning process itself which is the core business for any school.

These three major systems we are talking about are namely the School Management System (SMS) or School ERP, the Student Information System (SIS) and the School Learning Management System (LMS).

Learning Management System (LMS) allows communication and interaction between teachers and students in virtual spaces. But when we talk about Learning Management System for schools then we mean a completely different system than the Learning Management Systems for a corporate.

It's not easy to find a Learning Management System (LMS) that is designed specifically for schools.

For schools, we need to have LMS that is aligned with the school academics in away that can provide the school the needed flexibility to upload content or course materials that are structured into specific curriculum for specific school grades and classes.

Also this LMS has to properly integrate with the Student Information System (SIS) which mainly focus on the students records and their grading points for the exams, assignments, attendance, and other categories as long as the items under these categories are graded.

The SIS in turn is needed to fully automate the grading process and generate the grading reports for the students without going into lengthy process of calculating each and every students marks in all the graded items and without any human intervention to come up with the students scores or total grading points which then accumulate to build the full grading report and report cards.

The School Management System (SMS) or we may call it School ERP is needed to complete the whole school management software. It's also a major part of the overall software because it provides the school administration the required tools to manage the school resources such as the financial aspects as well as the Human Resources (HR).

EduHappy School Management Software has solved the equation. EduHappy is unique in the market since it provides the schools with three in one system. It seamlessly integrates the three systems; the SMS, the SIS and the LMS in one enterprise solution.

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