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It's way too long since +Fev Games released their tear down articles.

But the experts let us know that there's nothing interesting inside.

Three versions ago (1.108) they showed us a new map mechanism in Ingress which could point to "Ingress V.2". Nothing since.
​Android-based devices have started to receive an updated version of Ingress Scanner application - 1.111.0. Official changes list includes Apple notification fixes and bugfixes.
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Been hearing some reports that new Glyphs and Glyph messages have begun to appear in the Ingress Scanner. I have yet to encounter them myself, can the community help confirm, catalog and analyze the new messages that are emerging?
Been hearing some reports that new Glyphs and Glyph messages have begun to appear in the Ingress Scanner. I have yet to encounter them myself, can the community help confirm, catalog and analyze th…
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Und ich möchte keine Beschwerde hören, daß es in Deutschland soooo kalt ist!

Alles eine Frage der Einstellung ...

+10°C - Die Bewohner von Mietwohnungen in Helsinki drehen die Heizung ab. - Die Lappen (Bewohner Lapplands) pflanzen Blumen.

+5°C - Die Lappen nehmen ein Sonnenbad, falls die Sonne noch über den Horizont steigt.

+2°C - Italienische Autos springen nicht mehr an.

-0°C - Destilliertes Wasser gefriert.

-1°C - Der Atem wird sichtbar. Zeit, einen Mittelmeerurlaub zu planen. - Die Lappen essen Eis und trinken kaltes Bier.

-4°C - Die Katze will mit ins Bett.

-10°C - Zeit, einen Afrikaurlaub zu planen. - Die Lappen gehen zum Schwimmen.

-12°C - Zu kalt zum Schneien.

-15°C - Amerikanische Autos springen nicht mehr an.

-18°C - Die Helsinkier Hausbesitzer drehen die Heizung auf.

-20°C - Der Atem wird hörbar.

-22°C - Französische Autos springen nicht mehr an. - Zu kalt zum Schlittschuhlaufen.

-23°C - Politiker beginnen, die Obdachlosen zu bemitleiden.

-24°C - Deutsche Autos springen nicht mehr an.

-26°C - Aus dem Atem kann Baumaterial fur Iglus geschnitten werden.

-29°C - Die Katze will unter den Schlafanzug.

-30°C - Japanische Autos springen nicht mehr an. - Der Lappe flucht, tritt gegen den Reifen und startet seinen Lada.

-31°C - Zu kalt zum Küssen, die Lippen frieren zusammen. - Lapplands Fussballmannschaft beginnt mit dem Training für den Frühling.

-35°C - Zeit, ein zweiwöchiges heißes Bad zu planen. - Die Lappen schaufeln Schnee vom Dach.

-39°C - Quecksilber gefriert. Zu kalt zum Denken. - Die Lappen schließen den obersten Hemdknopf.

-40°C - Das Auto will mit ins Bett. - Die Lappen ziehen einen Pullover an.

-44°C - Mein Kollege überlegt evtl. das Bürofenster zu schließen.

-45°C - Die Lappen schließen das Klofenster.

-50°C - Die Seelöwen verlassen Grönland. Die Lappen tauschen die Fingerhandschuhe gegen Fäustlinge.

-70°C - Die Eisbären verlassen den Nordpol. - An der Universität Rovaniemi wird ein Langlaufausflug organisiert.

-75°C - Der Weihnachtsmann verlässt den Polarkreis. - Die Lappen klappen die Ohrenklappen der Mütze runter.

-250°C - Alkohol gefriert: der Lappe ist sauer.

-268°C - Helium wird flüssig.

-270°C - Die Hölle friert.

-273,15°C - Absoluter Nullpunkt. - Keine Bewegung der Elementarteilchen. - Die Lappen geben zu: Ja, es ist etwas kühl, gib mir einen Schnapswürfel ...

Und jetzt kennt Ihr den Unterschied zwischen Lappen und Waschlappen.

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While reading the feedback Agents provided about our current #MissionsForGood campaign, we saw many requests to increase the number of missions one person can create. We are happy to announce that starting now, the limit has been increased from 100 to 150 missions. Thank you for your feedback and don’t forget to share your Missions For Good missions or stories with us and remember - those missions specifically will get fast-tracked for approval. Happy Holidays Agents!

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Portal Recon Interview

We asked agent +FrNico who has been chosen to enter the portal recon process launched by Niantic last month, to answer a couple of questions and give us his thoughts & feedbacks about this process:

Being L16 the only criteria for getting an invite for portal recon or did they consider the experience and global participation? What is your thoughts on this ?
Looks like being L16 is the only criteria, no matter how much you play, all here have received an invitation to use the tool.
Both my friend and I don’t play much these days because Niantic is no longer big enough to keep up with updating Device/Android versions whitelist of Ingress, and I have received an invitation. We both barely play these days.

Does it specify an area / region for portal recon or pushes you random portals for investigation?
We get random portals to recon every time we complete one, there is no map to select from or list.
I selected 2 bonus area in France on top of my current location in Bay Area (you can’t choose), and I’m getting random recon in a radius of approx 100-150 miles.

What are the criteria that are mentioned to be considered while approving or removing a portal request?

What are the tools that are given to support or investigate the portal legitimate criteria?
We have access to:
- Street view or GPS bird view if street view not available
- Map of area showing nearby portals
- Description
- Address
We don’t have any details regarding submission itself:
- No agent name
- No faction
- No date of submission

How do you find these tools? Easy to use?
Quite easy to use, you basically just have to rate on a score of 1 to 5 each criteria

Is the decision of the reviewer like you, final or does it go through another screening process via Niantic and they make the final call?
Ah ah ah, we don’t know!
What we know for sure is that same portal recon is processed by multiple L16 agents. As there are multiple ratings for each portal, it probably means that an average rating might be used for either a final review or an auto-approval.

Any information about how much time will it take for the portals to come live once it's approved?
Ah ah ah again…! We have absolutely no idea. So far we haven’t seen any portal coming alive after a portal review.
As always with Niantic, it’s wait and see…

How does it feel to be given the power to approve portals?
You mean how it feels to work for free for a company that is earning money with their pokestops all around the world? Well, it feels like modern slavery. Could be much better if Niantic was not treating customers like dead meat...

What's the stupidest portal you've seen and what's the best?
Stupid? Half-naked selfies… a lot of them!
Best portal is suggestive, to me a good candidate is one in a remote rural area, where there are no portal yet, allowing everybody to play. If possible far from a road, to promote walking and not cargressing. Hard to reach on top of a hill / mountain? Hell yeah! That’s a good candidate!

Do you only have to review new portals or are there reviews of existing portals?
Since portal review tool shows nearby portals, I can tell so far, we have only been tasked to review NEW portals. We can tag a new one as a duplicate of an old one.
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My gut is that this new tile engine is a beta for their new platform (2.0), but there is no proof for that.
Hi everyone and welcome back to another Ingress teardown. While we are used to two week release cycles, this version came at the beginning of Week 3. This version contains a few anomaly expected as…
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We all are WhatsApp. Functions are similar even in secure environments. 
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Icy times for Ingress Germany. 
Gefahrloser Spaß mit Ingress bei Glatteis.
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Here someone tries to think behind the idea of item trading. What would the cost of an anomaly item setup be? Also, keep an eye on the comments of the original post. Who would use paid items? How much would they spend?

It's interesting that most of these services are constantly in business since day one. That makes four years! Other, more mainstream internet companies, wouldn't even survive the first two years without being bought and closed or being bankrupt and closed. This services is strictly against Ingress' Terms Of Service and works constantly like a clockwork. 
Updated my price comparison spreadsheet to reflect some of the new stores advertising in the game as well as updated pricing on the stores I had previously surveyed.

No obvious economic trends. Some had some notable changes on some items, both up and down.

It wouldn't appear that the cost of advertising in game or any other underlying economic factors like cost of farming or MUFG duplication rates have changed significantly to make an impact on prices.

One store appeared to have a name change with redirect (not sure why).
Ingress Store Price ComparisonStore Survey Site, http:// xmps. biz/, http:// inxmp. com/, http:// ingress-shop. net, https:// allforingress. ecwid. com, http:// ingintems. net, http:// ingressfarm. com, http:// shop-ingress. com/ http:// ingress-store. com/ Product Source, Ukraine, Australia/ Ukraine, Ukraine, US/ NL/ Rus...
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Reports are coming in of the first portals to go live that were reviewed via Operation Portal Recon. Rejection e-mails from reviewed portals are also reported to be going out.

#Ingress #FevGames #Niantic  
(AKA Portal submissions coming back in a new way!) It was a sad day when Ingress APK 1.77.0 dropped, removing the ability to submit new portals. It was been a little over a year now and #IngressYea…
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Some of you may have heard of this new development already... It's called Operation Portal Recon. It emerged a few days ago, and I immediately began to try and uncover its roots and find out who was behind it.
Some of you may have heard of this new development already… It’s called Operation Portal Recon. It emerged a few days ago, and I immediately began to try and uncover its roots and find …
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Da bin ich also in einem Hotelzimmer in Unterfranken, denn ein wichtiger Teil meines Berufs ist es, umherzufahren und Vorträge zu halten übe

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Where do Astronauts hang out?

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