Unplugging from the Stream

Question tonight is ...  
How much candy did YOU get???  

I demanded a 25% take on the kids' haul since my purchase of their costumes made trick-or-treating possible.  Fair?  I dunno, but I have a pile of Whoppers, Reese's cups, Nerds, Bottlecaps, and Twizzlers that tell me I made the right call ;)

Questions from the last few nights were:
What was your favorite food when you were little? Is it still your favorite?  Was there a food that you couldn't stand that you like now?  Any foods that you didn't like then and never will?

Did you ever threaten, or even prepare, to run away from home when you were a kid?  Do you remember why?  Did you pack anything?  Did you make it out of the house, and if so, how far did you get?

Have you ever been given a present that you hated/disliked? What was it?  Who gave it to you? What was the occasion? How did you react – could they tell that you didn’t like it?

I'm gonna pile all of these answers into one long post - tomorrow, I hope.  Regardless of when I provide my answers, I've been enjoying all of yours, and I'll swing back through and respond as I am able.  I'm not always timely in my responses because these nightly posts are about the only time I am able to contribute to my social media outlets, but I do read your responses even if I don't get back to a particular post to respond.  

I have thoroughly enjoyed this entire month, and I am already planning outings to get shots for next year!  I had to fill in with cartoons here and there, and I want to have a full 31 days of my own work in 2015 ... I'll probably still throw in some cartoons as extras anyway, because ... Vegan Witches ... yeah, that was funny :D

Today is now day 31 and it's HALLOWEEN!!!  My favorite holiday if you haven't guessed or read that yet, and my final (for this year) Halloween themed photo can be seen below ...

Have a great night, fellow +Plussers, and Ride the Stream while I haunt your dreams ;)

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