Unplugging from the Stream

Questions tonight are ...  
Did you ever threaten, or even prepare, to run away from home when you were a kid?  Do you remember why?  Did you pack anything?  Did you make it out of the house, and if so, how far did you get?

Questions from last night were:
If you could have been a child prodigy what would you have wanted to be skilled at? Why?

I really wanted to play the piano but I hated practicing, and I was a good singer.  I had no idea how to pursue becoming a professional singer, though, so I never pursued that.  I was NOT, however, a child prodigy, and I don't think that I would have chosen that.  I think that if I were to choose now, that I would have chosen to be a Math or Physics prodigy ... or a mind-reader, or empath ... either of those would have been both a curse and a blessing, but think of how far someone who can consistently demonstrate either mind-reading, true empathy, or both could take us in the study of our brains and future capabilities!!!

Previous question that I will eventually answer  ;)
Have you ever been given a present that you hated/disliked? What was it?  Who gave it to you? What was the occasion? How did you react – could they tell that you didn’t like it?

I felt wide-awake and alert almost all day at work today again, but by the time I got home, I was falling over tired and took a nap.  I woke up at 1:15am, did a quick homework assignment, and now I'm here doing my final post for the day.  The time change should help me a bit because that will  be a two rather than three hour difference, so I won't be working at such extremes in school.  Yes, I KNOW that I should set an arbitrary time to be my deadline, but it doesn't matter if I try to do that ... I still KNOW that my assignments aren't due until 2:00 or 3:00am, and I end up being on that schedule while trying to work on Eastern time ... it's interesting and has been a bit difficult to adjust to, but I'm getting there :)

Today is now day 28 (YAY!!!) of my favorite month which culminates, as I've mentioned many, many times now, in my favorite holiday of Halloween, and my next Halloween themed image can be seen below ...

Have a great night, fellow +Plussers, and Ride the Stream while I dream :)

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