Unplugging from the Stream

Questions tonight are ...  
Have you ever made a prank call or calls?  How old were you?  Were you with friends?  What were the pranks?

Question from last night was:
What exciting places have you visited or vacationed?

I've been to Canada, although it was just a shopping trip.  New York for the G+ HIRL was pretty awesome, Washington, D.C. was fun, but I think that New Orleans was my favorite vacation to date. I think that it's my favorite place in the world to date, and I hope to retire there, but I have a lot of places on my bucket list to get to first :)

Previous question that I will still not answer - maybe tomorrow ;)
Have you ever been given a present that you hated/disliked? What was it?  Who gave it to you? What was the occasion? How did you react – could they tell that you didn’t like it?

I never got a nap in today, but I got up REALLY late, so I'm ok with that.  

... how long do eggs stay good?  …

Today is now day 26 (YAY!!!) of my favorite month which culminates, as I've mentioned many, many times now, in my favorite holiday of Halloween, and my next Halloween themed image can be seen below ...

Have a great night, fellow +Plussers, and Ride the Stream while I dream :)

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