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Seeing Daylight

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Flying around an old fishing village and pilot station during a county fair on an island right off the coast near my home town. No subtitles in English at this point, unfortunately, but the text is all about the annual county fair, this year was the 25th one, and it takes place each ear at the same time.

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Introducing "Molly," the AI Web Designer, and The Grid

When it comes to website design, I've made a full 180-degree turn. "Back in the day" I would do all my websites (for clients and myself) myself, building them with a simple code/text editor using HTML and CSS. But today I couldn't be bothered with that. The mere idea of having to start pounding website code makes me uncomfortable, I'd rather watch a US presidential debate on TV. :)

Well, these days we really don't need to, unless we really want to. There are plenty of service providers like Squarespace and WordPress who offer ready-made templates you can use to build your website, and that's what most entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners are using these days. They have their limitations, too, though, and you still kind of need to do quite a bit of design work, anyway. That will take a lot of time and attention, which is all away from the essential stuff, like creating and sharing content. Not much different from using a WYSIWYG app to build your website from templates, is it. Unless you hire someone to do all that for you.

Which is why I recently decided to go a step further and delegate all that design work to Molly. The thing about Molly is that she's actually a robot living inside the web host server called the Grid. :)

What makes The Grid different from other web site hosts is that the website design is done by AI. The sites build themselves as you add content, rather than by your picking up a pre-designed template beforehand.
That may sound rather gimmicky and the service is still rather new, just fresh out f beta testing stage, but I think there's something to the concept, and I've decided to give it a try. The more you use the system and add content, the better the AI gets.

In case you're an entrepreneur, a small business owner or freelancer, maybe a photographer or videographer, consider this;
When you subscribe to their Pro plan, you actually get seven different sites with hosting, custom domain support hosting, storage and bandwidth included, and later on multiple collaborators and eCommerce engine.

In other words, you can host your whole online business, your landing page, your blog and eventually your online shop under that one site subscription, with your own domain names, and concentrate on adding content, whilst letting Molly worry about keeping the site up to date, trendy and responsive.
I believe that's where we're heading, anyway, with software replacing more and more of the tedious tasks whilst we get to concentrate on creating content. The next step in the digital evolution.

That's kinda interesting, isn't it. Well, take a look:
See you there!

Full disclosure: Yes, that's my affiliate link, so I hope that you'll use it, as it won't cost you anything extra. If you use it to subscribe, they'll just give me a small discount for my own subscription, and you'll get your own link as well, eventually, upon subscribing to the Grid.

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The Whisky Tango Foxtrot Moment of the Day
I've been pretty much off the grid for the past four days and I'm not a Silicon Valley Geek, so to me this piece of news qualified as the official Whisky Tango Foxtrot moment of the day.
Although like +Karin Nelson mentioned in the comments, it's too early to draw any conclusions yet, but it sounds interesting. Apart from the branding part. "Alphabet" does indeed sound quite, um, Google-esque (read: extremely nerdy), but suppose the name of the umbrella doesn't really matter.
it'll be interesting to see what will come out of all this, and what will happen to G+, for example.

Big news about Google splitting up into smaller companies under one called "Alphabet" is ALL OVER MY FEED. I am feeling like this is a rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. But wow. Microsoft should have done that in 2000.

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If you're a "FB luddite" like myself, you might find +Robert Scoble's 22 Tips for using Facebook quite useful.

It is also highlighting one of the inherent differences between FB and G+, which may not be instantly obvious to newbies. 

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Interesting. Looks like HitFilm 3 Express is out now, for free. I think I'm going to give it a try. Based on the demo, looks like it's a usable tool. Anyone using it already? How do you like it?
#cinematography   #editing   #video  

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I thought this was a healthy reminder to start a new week wirh.
Pick your thing, get on with it, and commit to it. Get out of your own way and just frigging do it. The rest will follow and take care of itself. Including confidence.

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Summer Solstice

Well, the longest day of the year just ended to the latest sunset of the year over here. Unfortunately the weather was a bit too clear for a spectacular one,  like the one on Friday evening, which ended with purple rain right after the sunset. So tonight I didn't bother trying any fancy landscape shots, just took a walk along the riverside with my p&s..The next sunset will arrive ever so slightly earlier than this one, and it'll be all downhill from here for the next six months. 

Anyway, this shot of eaten leaves by the river bank right after the sun took a plunge down the river is my contribution (after a long-ish pause) to the #squaresunday   curated by +Tom Golson and +Ken McMahon. Happy Summer Solstice to those on the upper side of the planet, and Winter Solstice to those down under.

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Instant Film TLR

Umm... wait, WOT???
A TLR that shoots instant film? Crazy... I mean how cool is that! ;-)
Probably a must have toy, despite the price. Right, +Frank Doorhof? Have you already ordered one? ;-)

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Refueling a Pilot On Ice

This shot from February  is my contribution to the #squaresunday  moderated by +Tom Golson and +Ken McMahon. Oh and yes, the boat did get there by itself only few minutes earlier, plowing through ice from the open sea lane. I'll add another regular crop shot that shows it better.
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