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Grand Couturier of REVOCS, Dungeonmaster, shit artist
Grand Couturier of REVOCS, Dungeonmaster, shit artist

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Campaign idea: rip the hell off of Thundercats

You are members of [[good and noble race, probably elves]]. For aeons your planet has endured the depredations of the planet of [[slimy evil race, probably orcs.]] At last by a nefarious scheme they have destroyed your world. You are a small band of storm-tossed survivors in a spaceship; the evil guys find your vessel and damage it, forcing you to crash-land on a strange planet. SURPRISE it's a gonzo fantasy world covered in a patchwork of strange cultures with dangerous beasts. WORSE, your enemies have landed as well, and awakened an ancient supernatural evil that was on the planet all along: with the interlopers as its new pawns this force intends to enslave/destroy your strange new home. You must QUEST for [[some magic macguffin it's probably a sword]], the only artifact capable of slaying the evil.

*Your starting characters can be from an advanced, easily-relatable manlike race; the cultures from the planet can be stranger, have their own values and odd ways of life. The GM gets to have fun writing his gazette and the players have an excuse not to read it and discover things through roleplay.

*As the initial cast of PCs dies off, players can roll up new ones from the cultures they have "unlocked" in past adventures. So when Tigra dies because he sucks his player can roll up a Burble thief.

*Your "starting village" is a crashed spaceship so you can pretty much BS a good spread of starting supplies and equipment as needed. You can use it as a base or hit the road. Maybe you have a cool armored vehicle to roam the landscape in.

*You have a long-term goal [[get the sword or whatever, kill Mumm-Ra or whomever]], but it's broad enough [[you have to scour the whole world for it]] you'll have plenty of adventures in the interim.

I dunno, I like it. The problem with weird settings though is they tend to lack staying power. Like you can play the same stock D&D game for five years okay but "Stitch's Homebrew Shit with the Robo-Teddies and Riding Cockroaches" lacks the same staying power... you lose the shared language for later water-cooler reparee like "and then my Elf opened the box and there's a Wight!" You're basically relying on the guy behind the screen to match decades of accrued cultural strata in terms of PSYCHIC RESONANCE, that's really tough.

If I could design my ultimate dungeoncrawler roving explorer fantasy RPG the only relevant stats would be GRIT, NUTRITION, WHEREWITHAL, LACTIC ACID BUILDUP, ADRENAL EXPENDITURE and DOPAMINE REMAINING 

Flipping through my newly arrived copy of "Official ADVANCED DUNGEONS&DRAGONS Dungeoneer's Survival Guide by Douglas Niles" and holy molasses this book is amazing. Like I really want to show you this two-page spread of a hypothetical cave network showing every type of cave and this is just page 10 nnniiiiiiiiiiiiiice

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Just cuz yer a level 1 wizard ain't mean ya can't have dope abs, bb.

I hereby dub this guy "token evil teammate" 

I had a half-baked idea for my setting (with the fifties in space colonies) last night but I can't decide if it's any good.

On the planet below is a kingdom; all the armor and characters look anime as hell, like, giant weapons and knight armor with spoiler-fins and green hair for no reason. Everything in this kingdom is based on an economy of collecting 'points' which you get from killing 'gribblies.' You get points, you go back to town and improve your gear, which improves your net worth/social standing. Everybody's an adventurer. Everybody's convinced they're going to be the greatest (and says so, repeatedly). It's like you're trapped in a shitty version of Final Fantasy XIV forever.

So the twist is that 'gribblies' is just foreigners. But the people from this kingdom are trapped in a mass delusion where they see outsiders as cartoony orcs or wolves that bleed crystals and item-drops or whatever. This is because they think they're in a war against the Children of the God of Chaos [played by Tim Curry???] and that they serve the Goddess of Light but are unaware Chaos killed the shit out of Light a long time ago and now rules/sets the reality of their land.

So basically as a random encounter, sometimes you get adventuring parties from Terrible Japanese MMO land. They kill anything they see (even sheep, they see it all as "mobs") so they're basically classic gotta-kill-'em-all orcs; only not orcs, annoying anime teenagers. Which I imagine my players could mow down with far less remorse.

Any good, this idea? I kind of like it but it's also kind of dumb as hell idk.

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Ideas for Shitty Hench-Monsters

List of monster names I got from an online generator. Preview of things to come?? (yes)

Stenchling, Smogling, Smogblade
Bowel Creep
Obsidian Banehog
Tusked Thunder Monkey
Crimson Howl-Eel

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Beautiful. And dead. But beautiful.
If you look closely you can see the wire holding up her arm. She is actually deceased.
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