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Grateful is my heart, for every day.
I'm not sure where to start as it's been a year since I sat at this spot and typed out what life is like for our family. Once a place I often sat, writing updates and giving glimpses into our home through words and photos. I wasn't planning to write, but it...

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Two years.
Later this month will mark two years since Wyatt's soul left his earthly body and he finally made it to Heaven. I've been reading through my posts from two years ago every so often the last few weeks. Taking myself back to that place of waiting, watching, w...

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Embracing the holidays and Heaven.
Twinkling Christmas lights are strung all over our home. Our Christmas tree lights dance to Holiday music when prompted. Our home smells of pine and berries, thanks to the Yankee candle that burns on the dining room table...because our tree was most certain...

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A sister's point of view.
This weekend our family spent time at the A.I. duPont Hospital for Children's annual memorial service in honor of the children (patients of the hospital) that have died. It was a beautiful service. As a sibling representative, Maggie was asked to speak abou...

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A year.
Sometimes there are no words. I'm finding myself in that place right now. I have no words. My mind is constantly thinking. I'm often unable to make it stop, but I still have no words to say. Saturday was a year since Wyatt has died. An entire YEAR. 12 month...

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Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week -- Sharing his story.
This week is Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week. For many of you who know our family or have followed my writings here on the blog, you are well aware of Mitochondrial Disease and the
effect it has had on our family. We've been a living example of what M...

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We're still here.
It's been sometime since I've written here. For those who follow us on Instagram or even Facebook, you've had the chance to see a little more of what's been going on for our family this Summer through pictures and captions that we shared. It was a busy Summ...

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The ugly truth.
I can't seem to find the words to write here of late. I have tried many times. There is so much I want to say, could say and even need to say, but, truly, all of it originates from the same place....I miss my boy. I want my baby back.  Nine months ago I hel...

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More information. (Please read!)
  Bryan and I would like to take the time to answer a few questions that we've been asked within the last few weeks and that you may be thinking about yourself.  Why are you hosting this event? Well, we think the main purpose is pretty simple. We want to co...

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Run, Walk or Roll with Wyatt.
  Hi guys!  I know it's been awhile
since I've published a new post here on the blog. It's not for a lack of
writing or fewer thoughts about various parts of our life. I actually
have several pieces completed, though I haven't pushed the "publish"
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