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Jon Brock
Cognitive science researcher at Macquarie University
Cognitive science researcher at Macquarie University

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Autism and the average
Stephen Jay Gould. Source: Around this time every year, my almost -namesake, John Brockman, publishes on his website, the Edge , a selection of answers to an Annual Question. What have you changed your mind about? What is your favourite deep or ...

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Reciprocity in autism research, and why it matters
Imagine a game of catch between a toddler and a professional baseball player.  In a reciprocal game, the ball will pass steadily back and forth between the players.  That doesn't necessarily mean that both players are performing the same movements or doing ...

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The evolution of "autism": Comparing DSM-III and DSM-5
It is of course common knowledge that autism rates have steadily increased over the years. The rise in diagnoses is often framed as an "epidemic" or "tidal wave". However, most researchers will tell you that in fact it's hard to know whether there is a real...

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Great post - even if it almost certainly is preaching to the choir
Building public support for research funding is important. And you can't build public support with science communication. My latest on

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Thomas Huxley wrote to his sister in 1852,

“You have no idea of the intrigues that
go on in this blessed world of science.
Science is, I fear, no purer than any other region
of human activity; though it should be … So I
must manoeuvre a little to get my poor memoir
kept out of his [a competing scientist’s] hands”

(Huxley, 1852). Via James C. Coyne

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Autistic brains: Under- or over-connected?
Source For a while now, the prevailing view has been that the brains of people with autism are "underconnected" and that this lack of communication between different parts of the brain causes at least some of the features of autism. It's an intuitively plau...

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Science in action. Or "This is the plant I yelled at"
As Jacob Bronowski once said, "The hand is the cutting edge of the mind". We learn not so much by detached thinking but by acting and then observing the consequences of our actions. Science can be thought of as a formalisation of this process: act, observe,...

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Jon Brock commented on a post on Blogger.
"no one would claim that drinking four pints sharpens your reflexes."
No. But it does make you better at pool.

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Programming in movies (vs) real life
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