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anyone else having an issue with random screen wake-ups? 10/27 CM nightly?  #toro   #nightlies  
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i downloaded that app, and it stopped! i really don't know what happened.. but i recommend that app to help keep an eye on it!
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Alisa Steinklein

Nexus Devices  - 
is there a way to know when/if AVRCP support will be added into a nightly of 10.1+ before we get to a stable-ish 10.2?
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That's what I'm looking forward to most from 4.3. Ask the other new features are pretty irrelevant for me.
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Alisa Steinklein

Nexus Devices  - 
anyone else having issues with 10.2 and a glitch with SMS sending a message multiple times? #toro  
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It's still happening.. ugh
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Tastes like mass manufactured frozen yogurt. While the place was (mostly) clean and the decor was neat, the yogurt was a big let down. I hope there are more options in town soon!
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The salesman I worked with was Rudy Younger -- This man is very knowledgeable, kind, and would have been great to do business with! Despite my deciding to go elsewhere -- should anyone else be reading this review, it should be known that Rudy is the guy to go to at Friendly! After Rudy worked very hard to get me a deal together, I realized that the price of the car I wanted was still going to be about $160 short of a competitor's offer. The managers at Friendly would not budge, so I had to go elsewhere. The other dealer even threw in a few FREE extras (all season mats, wheel locks, VIN etching) when the delivery of my new car was delayed an additional day. That dealer did their best to keep a smile on my face and I feel Friendly fell very short of this goal.
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From a New Yorker, best pizza in Ithaca!
Food: Very goodDecor: GoodService: Excellent
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