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Back to Reality! Bye!
Back to Reality! Bye!


Good Bye
Hi everyone - I know it's been a while since I've messaged all of you but I wanted to reach out to all of you one last time.

It's with a heavy heart that I finally lay down my scanner. It's been an amazing few years and I had the privilege to meet so many of you during my adventures. It has truly been a wonderful chapter in my life. But like everything else, all good things come to an end.

As some of you know my mother has become very ill and taking care of her has become a 2nd full time job. I need to prioritize my time with her and need to step away from all distractions. Long story short, I have made the tough decision to walk away.

I thank all of you who have messaged me and kept in touch during my families time of need. I do hope that we can stay in touch and continue to meet and have fun nights out! My passion for traveling has only intensified since playing Ingress and I promise i'll do my best to continue to travel and visit you.

So for the last time, this is Tina aka IntegraPrincess, signing out.

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One of the most awesome agents I know +Wye-Khe Kwok​​ !!! Good luck! I'm rooting for you!
#TeamMLP #Top5 #AgentOlympiad
My Agent Olympiad Submission.

Ruckgress. Goruck. Spartan. Aroo.

'There are no outstanding agents. There are only outstanding teams.'

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Team: Luminescent Heart
Archetype: Humanist

Our team submitted our proposal and website to +Ingress on March 14th and we just can't hold back our excitement any longer! Enjoy and we look forward to seeing what you all think!

Quick Links:
Lore Discovery:
Concept Gallery:

#MagnusReawakens #luminescentheart #Ingress
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Agents we are happy to announce our travel schedule up to May before we take an upgrade break. We look forward to meeting a lot of new agents on this trip and we have a few surprises in store as well. Akira packs in limited amounts will be available at all meet ups and we have a variety of character badges to give away as part of the agent stats competition. RSVP links to each event coming soon™.

3-25-2017 Saturday-San Antonio, TX (Quest Day)
3-27-2017 Monday-Gulfport, MS
3-29-2017 Wednesday-Mobile, AL
3-31-2017 Friday-Gainesville, FL
4-3-2017 Monday-Orlando, FL
4-5-2017 Wednesday-Savannah, Ga
4-7-2017 Friday-Cookeville, TN
4-9-2017 Sunday-Winston-Salem, NC
4-11-2017 Tuesday-Pittsburgh, PA
4-13-2017 Thursday-Columbus, OH
4-15-2017 Saturday-Dayton, OH
4-17-2017 Monday-Indianapolis, IN
4-18-2017 Tuesday-St. Louis, MO
4-20-2017 Thursday-Kansas city, KS
4-22-2017 Saturday-Denver, CO
4-26-2017 Wednesday-Las vegas, NV
4-28-2017 Friday-San Francisco, CA
4-29-2017 Saturday-Sacramento, CA

*Sorry Canada we will be back later this year for events in your area.
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Thank you +Nancy Something​ for making such a huge effort with your team and I am really sorry all of your work was taken down by spoofers :( This post definitely deserves to be reshared by everyone!
Shards Are Coming – And So, Too, A Story Of Ingress Adventure & Let-Down.

This isn’t just my story, nor just a story of an ENL team affected by cheating. This is ultimately the sad story of ENL and RES agents all around the world. Passionate, amazing people. The ones who forge the way for the stories everyone aspires to, or shares for years to come. +Ingress , +Niantic , +NIA Ops , +John Hanke , we need you to help us help you. Or all of us – you, ENL, RES, the Ingress global community, new potential players and even investors – will keep losing the stories of the adventurers who open their scanners on their journeys. Especially now that we have global shards on the table.

I spent the weekend of 02/03/17 – 02/06/17 in deserts, mountains, ruins, beside canyon walls covered in petroglyphs and pictographs, and at hot springs and rivers. Ingress led me to one of my most favorite places I’ve yet discovered in the world: Big Bend National Park. I was able to convince two crazy (and awesome) friends to accompany me, and we crossed paths with yet another ingress comrade (+Jay Byrum) out in that wilderness. It truly was a beautiful, exciting, and fun adventure.

Sadly, this amazing journey was punctuated by a spoofer who went through the entire expanse of Big Bend and took down everything we set up, and linked it all up to block potential lanes. Reports were made, and fortunately the account was banned. Nonetheless the damage was done and not reverted. The $1200 across the four people who invested so much time and resources into this trip provided nothing by way of e7 portals in the end, as was one of our goals to prepare for the oncoming global shards. Gas, lodging, BGAN data, and park fees are the only expenses counted in that total.

This story is only one of many, many stories like this from BOTH factions; spoofers and cheaters are at home in both factions. It breaks my heart to hear how many people uninstall and leave Ingress forever because their favorite aspects of the game - exploration and high adventures to astounding places - have been sullied by cheating and spoofing. How many stories have we NOT heard now, because our great explorers in the game – both ENL and RES – have NOT made journeys they would have if they hadn’t had their time, investments, and passion undermined by rampant spoofing? THAT is also heartbreaking. I want to hear about the amazing feats these incredible agents would have taken if they didn’t feel so disheartened by heavy, chronic cheating.

There still are amazing stories and adventurers to make them, but we lose so many of them by not getting spoofing and other forms of cheating in better check. I know strides have been made, and as ever, there are exceptional people within Niantic who crave for a cleaner playing field just as much (if not more) as I and many others do. I am sharing this story with you all now because I want you to see what might be lost if it isn’t all brought into better control.

Spending $1200 was not something we considered a burden at the time because we were having fun and playing Ingress the way we love. Only after our hard fun work was all undone by someone likely sitting in the comfort of their home did it feel burdensome. And sad. And it gets harder to lure people out when I feel that I must ethically open with an explanation like “We’re going to incredible places, but cheaters might undo everything we accomplish with our friends in Ingress.”

This weekend all began when it became all the more clear that global shards were returning. I sent out the call for fellow agents to join me in setting up Big Bend NP for our global teammates, and +Eric Engberg and +Sordidly Speaking were on the road with me mere days later. There are still people who want to take Ingress adventures, as these two wonderful people demonstrated. It kills me to have to try and mitigate the pain and anger they experience when their adventurous highs plummet to helpless lows around cheating. It shouldn’t be this way. Not for either faction.

For me, some of the most enticing aspects of playing Ingress exist in the prospect of exploration with my scanner in hand. It is all the more worthwhile a prospect when adventures into wild places can be had with friends. I’ve been on tiny islands for Ingress ops, hiked in national parks, played anomalies from Helios through present, and I’ve even planegressed. The game provides thrills through exploration and teamwork that I haven’t experienced in any other game. There are highs and lows, and human moments where you see the strength of your community shine (from faction ops and support, to xfac aid in times of dire need across the world).

I want to keep experiencing all of these positive, self-discovering aspects Ingress and its communities present. Though I also want to know that the company that puts out the game has my back around the rules they provide. It’s hard to keep pouring 15 hour days and $1200 into efforts that I am more positive will be spoofed down than will stand as challenges to my opponents and options to my teammates. Help me keep my scanner on, because I really really want it to keep glowing.

Below, you will find details of our gameplay, the portals we prepared for global shards, and the spoofer actions that brought it all down. I appreciate that the spoofer account was brought down, but all it takes is for the person who did it to make a new account, while I would have to spend another large amount of time and money to go back out there to undo what has been done. The easy incentive and the “win” rest on the cheater’s side at the end of it all. Sure, we have an amazing adventure, but we wanted to give to our team in Ingress, too. If there is anything the playerbase can do to help improve the game, there are many eager people ready to do what they can. Thank you for your time.

Summary of Legitimate Play & Spoofer Takedowns:
Location: Big Bend National Park, TX
Legitimate travel timeframe: Friday, February 03, 2017 – Monday, February 06, 2017
Legitimate portal attack, and capture timeframe: Saturday, February 04, 2017 – Sunday, February 05, 2017
Legitimate agents involved: @Puxtoper, @sordidlyspeakin, @cthulWh0, @Doomsidoodeedoo
Illegitimate agent (spoofer) involved: @skoobysnax (account banned as of a comm check February 07, 2017, ~2:10pm cst)
Spoofer portal attack, capture, and linking timeframe: Monday, February 06, 2017, beginning after 11pm cst – Tuesday, February 07, 2017, 8:39am cst
Total Portals Effected (and still blue and linked up as of a comm check February 07, 2017, ~2:10pm cst): 24
Total Expenses Sunk: $1,198.16
El Paso:
Gas: $125
Lodging: $219
Bgan: $131
Park Entrance Fee: $25
Total: $500

Gas: $70
Lodging: $603.16
Park Entrance Fee: $25
Total: $698.16

All Portals Effected:
Total: 24
BGAN Portals: 4
Rock Art at Hot Springs -,-102.998049&z=17&pll=29.17793,-102.998049
Metal Bug Art -,-102.946742&z=17&pll=29.190144,-102.946742
Metal Art Works -,-102.946553&z=17&pll=29.190067,-102.946553
Boquillas Canyon -,-102.9238&z=17&pll=29.194335,-102.9238

Non-BGAN Portals: 19
Window View Trail -,-103.301824&z=17&pll=29.270422,-103.301824
Window Trail -,-103.301569&z=17&pll=29.270535,-103.301569
Peregrine Falcon Exhibit -,-103.300878&z=17&pll=29.270521,-103.300878

Lord of the Wind Sculpture -,-103.300422&z=17&pll=29.270284,-103.300422
Lion Country -,-103.300263&z=17&pll=29.270547,-103.300263
Civilian Conservation Corps -,-103.299799&z=17&pll=29.27024,-103.299799
Lost Mine Trail -,-103.286439&z=17&pll=29.274376,-103.286439
Panther Path Trail -,-103.206522&z=17&pll=29.328121,-103.206522
Visibility at Big Bend National Park -,-103.206328&z=17&pll=29.327733,-103.206328
Big Bend National Park Post Office -,-103.206063&z=17&pll=29.328034,-103.206063
National Park Service -,-103.20601&z=17&pll=29.328033,-103.20601
Alligator and T Rex fossils -,-103.205571&z=17&pll=29.327871,-103.205571
Big Bend National Park Panther Junction Visitor Center -,-103.205835&z=17&pll=29.327552,-103.205835
Coryphodon Fossil Bed -,-103.205537&z=17&pll=29.326908,-103.205537
Ancient Swamp Creatures -,-103.137684&z=17&pll=29.419006,-103.137684
Fossil Bones -,-103.137285&z=17&pll=29.419433,-103.137285
An Eocene Landscape -,-103.136771&z=17&pll=29.418985,-103.136771
Time in the Rocks -,-103.137288&z=17&pll=29.418578,-103.137288
Comanche Trail -,-103.17349&z=17&pll=29.660076,-103.17349

Inaccessible due to maintenance (we left it grey):

Landscapes in Stone -,-103.137029&z=17&pll=29.418103,-103.137029

Of the aforementioned portals, all were fully deployed to e7, EXCEPT the following three:
Window View Trail -,-103.301824&z=17&pll=29.270422,-103.301824
Window Trail -,-103.301569&z=17&pll=29.270535,-103.301569
Landscapes in Stone -,-103.137029&z=17&pll=29.418103,-103.137029

#PlacesIngressHasTakenMe #RealIngressGameplay #ActualIngressGameplay #Ingress #Niantic #PokemonGo +John Hanke +Andrew Krug +Anne Beuttenmüller +Bill Kilday +Matilde Tusberti +Linda Besh +Chiplander +Nadia Amro +Sordidly Speaking +Eric Engberg +Jay Byrum +Jennifer Pisano +Kelly Kolton +Brent Hollett +Vicki Ellen +Ruth Shepherd
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I want to send out my appreciation for those of you who were able to attend our Jacksonville Mission Day event this weekend. I really loved hearing that everyone had a wonderful time exploring our city. With over 550 of you registering for this event, we wanted to make sure you saw and did as much as possible!

First I’d like to give a shout out to +Sun Tzu​​​​​​​ who was my counterpart POC for the Resistance. You are amazing and I can’t wait to plan more fun times for our city!

Also, thank you to the committee members who put forth so much time into making this happen +Cheri M​​​​​​ +Dubhradh R​​​​​​ +Doctor Anomaly​​​​​​ +Aria Lake​​​​​​, and +Jan Lucas​​​​​​. Thank you to +Ingress Cards​​​​​​ for setting up amazing xfaction swag sales. As always, you guys were top notch! +Charles Bailey​​​​ your photo booth and skills are amazing! I can’t wait to go through all of the photos!!

One of the reasons why the event was a huge success was because of our amazing friends at +GORUCK​​​​​​ HQ! +Joel Phillips​​​​​​ and the rest of the crew opened up their HQ for us and also provided a super fun Scavenger hunt! Your partnership with the Ingress agents in Jacksonville is much appreciated and Thank you for everything you do for us!

I also want to thank some of our friends from +Niantic​​​​​​ who came out to show their support, +Andrew Krug​​​​​​ , +Ethan Lepouttre​​​​​​ , +Chiplander​​​​​​ . You guys are phenomenal! Thank you for making this event easy to coordinate and set up! (Again, love you guys; but this is NOT an invitation for an anomaly!)

It was great to see so many old friends and to also finally meet a lot of you! As always, it’s really sad to see all of you go but we will see each other soon at the next event! XOXO
+John Hanke​​​
+November Lima
#TeamMLP #JaxMD #snowflakes #picklelighteracquired
Safe travels!
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Powerful solar storms may charge the moon's soil in the frigid, permanently shadowed regions near the lunar poles, producing "sparks" that could vaporize and melt the soil, perhaps as much as meteoroid impacts. Learn more:
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Dinner on a beautiful night with an awesome friend! It was great to see you +Joel Phillips​ :)
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Another picture of the Anthropoid inner coffin of Takhebkhenem, Lady of the house. daughter of Pedikhons.
I thought this one was quite interesting.
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**SWAG** Get your Jacksonville mission day swag before all the good stuff is sold out! Mission day is happening on January 28th! So order soon!
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