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Public Service Announcement: Do not link against the platform in your Android app!

The library is not in the NDK and it is not even ABI stable. If you're linking against a from some random version of the platform, you're most likely weakening your security. Either make a Java upcall or statically link against the crypto library you want.

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This season includes lots of tips about building power and network efficient Android apps across phones, tablets, and Wear.

Let's learn from my Developer Advocate friends.
Announcing Android Performance Patterns Season 2

Looking to get the most of your Android application? Want to keep your users happy with a great experience? Then lucky for you, Android Performance Patterns is back!

Join your Season 1 host +Colt McAnlis, along with some new partners in crime +Ian Ni-Lewis, +Joanna Smith, +Lisa Wray, +Alex Danilo, +Hoi Lam, and +Wayne Piekarski, for a new set of videos covering efficient Bitmap Usage, Memory Management, Threading, Transparency, LINT, Custom views, Android Wear and MORE.

Oh, and don’t forget to join the Android Performance Patterns G+ Community at to get tips and tricks from other developers in the trenches.

Keep calm, profile your code, and always remember #PERFMATTERS

You still reading?? OK GOOD.

Don't be too loud about it, but we're excited to announce that Android Performance Patterns will be serving up the Big Android BBQ this year.

It's going to be two whole days of Android performance slathered between some of the best BBQ in Texas. If you're looking to rub elbows with all the #perfmatters , then this is the place you want to be. 

Early bird tickets are now on sale at Event space is limited, so make sure you get your ticket first… THEN tell your friends.


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#AndroidDev  - Google Fit in Google Play Services 7.0
If you're using Google Fit please be aware that the Fitness.API has been split in Google Play services 7.0 (just released! [1])- you'll notice your app breaks when compiling with 7.0. Thankfully, the change is easy and there's a significant memory reduction with this change.

[1] -

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Taroko National Park

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Happy New Year!

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Last week, we unveiled the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, the newest additions to our Nexus family that will ship with Android 5.0 Lollipop. In this blog post, Developer Advocate +Katherine Kuan shares best practices for optimizing apps and games to provide great mobile experiences on these devices.

#AndroidDev   #AndroidLollipop   #materialdesign

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GPS support has come to the first Android Wear watch.  It uses the same API you're already familiar with.

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Building leaner apps will make it easier for you to reach the next few billion of Android users.
With the launch of Android One, more people across the world will have access to high-quality and affordable smartphones, so now is a great time to make sure your apps are ready for these new markets.

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Testing on Square... and Round.
We have been doing some testing of Android Wear applications on devices with round displays, and are excited about the apps that are ready to go right now. I wanted to share a few hints about dealing with some common pitfalls, where some apps would fail with exceptions, since they were not tested on the AndroidWearRound emulator from the Android SDK.

The most common mistake can occur when using WatchViewStub, which inflates either a rect_activity_my.xml or a round_activity_my.xml. A developer might mistakenly add the UI views to only the rectangular layout file and make calls to findViewById(). Since the round layout was not filled out, findViewById() will return null, and will then throw a NullPointerException.

If you want to use the same layout between devices, or if you require a rectangular layout, you can use BoxInsetLayout from the wearable support library. This layout ensures that everything will automatically be kept within a box that fits within any round display. To find out more about designing for round displays, check out this I/O Byte video Fullscreen apps for Android Wear

Make sure that you test your apps on your current square devices, the AndroidWearSquare emulator, and the AndroidWearRound emulator. This way, your applications will be ready and working for when round devices start arriving in the market soon!

Note: there is a bug in the current AVD setup where there are three AndroidWearRound profiles available to choose from in the “Device” dropdown. Make sure you pick the middle one for now, one of the others is not correct. This is currently being fixed and should be released to the public soon.
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