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John Jung
Upon retiring from academia, I became a Chinese American.
Upon retiring from academia, I became a Chinese American.

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An Unsung Hero Championed Delta Chinese Right to Attend White School
A previous post on this blog described the legal proceedings in the1920s case in which two daughters of a Mississippi Delta Chinese grocer, Jue Gong and his wife, Katherine, were removed from attending a white school in Rosedale in 1924 because Chinese were...

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How To Rid Your Town of Chinamen: Tacoma and Truckee Methods
The " Tacoma Method "       Chinese immigrants arrived in Tacoma, Washington in the 1870s.  Many had worked on the Transcontinental Railroad and when it was completed in 1869, they were unemployed but moved to the Pacific Northwest to help build the North P...

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e book version of "A Chinese American Odyssey" available now

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e book version of "Sweet and Sour: Life in Chinese Family Restaurants"

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One of dozens of archival posts about visual artists of Chinese descent in the U. S. on this outstanding site curated by Alex Jay.

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"Watchful waiting" approach to major health problems.


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Finding a nostalgic 78 rpm recording after 75 years that was right under my nose.

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Ching Ching Chinaman And Ching Chong Chinaman
    "Ching Chong Chinaman" is a well-known offensive slur often used to taunt Chinese, and sometimes other Asians, for many decades in countries where many Chinese emigrated to. The slur occurs in countless limericks, some directed for children but others w...

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Reinventing myself in retirement from a psychologist to a public historian of Chinese American history.

#retirement #ChineseAmerican 

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Interracial Marriages:III. White wives of Chinese lose U. S. Citizenship
    In 1907 the
Expatriation Act provided that any female U.S. citizen who married a foreigner
was stripped of her U.S. citizenship. This proved to be a significant problem
for women who became stateless when their husband's country of citizenship did
not a...
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