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Spent an amazing day at Weleda HQ, fully appreciating this company's inspiring and innovative philosophies.  I had a full tour round their 15 acre herb gardens, watched a demonstration of how they make tinctures and lotions, and then learnt about their extensive baby care remedies and products.  This outstanding range, devised by midwives, has won over 45 awards in the last 3 years, all voted for by the parents.
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Full day training at Weleda HQ today.  I get a full tour round their 15 acre herb gardens, make my own tincture and lotion, and learn more about their wonderful baby care remedies and products.
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I was invited to do a talk at Derbyshire Chronic Pain Support Group yesterday. I was made to feel very welcome and thank you to such a lovely group for their hospitality.
 The talk covered the general principles of energy work and how these underpin the practices of Reiki and Life Alignment.
 Unfortunately we ran out of time to talk about Metamorphic Technique, but I have been invited back again next year!
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A colleague/friend of mine asked the question today - "So what is Reiki, the effect of receiving it and the effect of training in it?"
 For those who also want to know, here is an answer:
Simply, traditionally and fundamentally, Reiki is a system for spiritual and personal growth. 'System' in the sense like yoga but without the postures. Essentially it is a system to come to know oneself, to feel connected, to rediscover one's truth etc. The healing side is almost a by-product really. In the West, the healing side is well known and tends to receive more of the focus.

Part of the Reiki system is the channelling of energy - this energy is also, confusingly, referred to as Reiki. Reiki energy is the sacred, omnipresent, universal life energy. One can spend many years practising energy exercises, such as qigong, to attain some mastery of channelling energy, or one can learn Reiki, where the empowerments/attunements enable the individual to channel vast amounts of energy through themselves and onto others. (it is also beneficial for Reiki practitioners to practise qigong).

The training then, in addition to the spiritual practice, is learning how to use Reiki and become as clear a channel as possible. The effect training has depends on the type of training (there are many different systems of Reiki now) and the individual student. One only gets out what one puts in. However, nobody can dictate what pace to travel, it is a very personal journey.  My Reiki path started quite slow - I didn't initially appreciate what the system was about and so didn't put the practice in! I now personally practise Reiki twice a day. 

The ultimate healing tool is the practitioner's dedication to healing the self. With regards to what effect a treatment has on a person, my experience is it is clearly beneficial. I've seen miraculous physical and emotional healing take place. However, it is not possible to predict exactly what the outcome will be. Reiki will always go where it is most needed first. It is best not to limit the Reiki with rational and logical thought processes or intentions. If one needs spiritual healing, one can't expect a sore finger to be fixed first, and who am I to decide what the priority is, so I find it best to stay out of the way, to remain ego-less, non-judging, no expectations of outcome - as far as possible. My only intent is that Reiki will flow for the highest possible good for the individual, then simply notice what is and BE.
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Louise Hargreaves BSc., PG Dip.
 Cert. Life Alignment Practitioner, Usui Teate Reiki Teacher/Practitioner,
 Reiki-Seichem Master and  Practitioner Member of the Metamorphic Association

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Based in Derby, I work with people locally and nationwide. My passion lies in realising the true nature of human beings, understanding the nature of health, growth and transformation to support individuals’ paths to well-being and wholeness.

I now have 20 years combined experience in both mental health and energy work. The range of conditions, illnesses and issues I have worked with include: allergies and sensitivities, anxiety, bereavement, CFS/ME, poor circulation, depression, digestive problems, disability, eating disorders, emotional issues, feeling ‘stuck’ or ‘lost’ in life, fibromyalgia, hormonal issues, weak immune system, insomnia, low self esteem migraine, pain, poor sleep, obsessive compulsive disorder, recovery from surgery, stress, trauma and more.
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