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Glitter Bug
Mum to a firecracker baby, accidental attachment parent.
Mum to a firecracker baby, accidental attachment parent.

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Boobies are great! Here are 5 reasons why #breastfeeding is brilliant! #attachmentparenting

Breastfeeding is a brilliant way to bond with your baby but there are other benefits too! Here are 5 reasons why breastfeeding is good for baby and you.

Has anyone out there got experience of teaching their baby a second language? I'd like to attempt it but don't know where to start.

#baby #language #learning #bilingual 

Happy Monday!

I'm in the process of writing a post about the 4th trimester and I wondered if anyone would like to share what you found to really help during this period.

Anyone willing? I'd really like to give it more mummy/daddy insight than just the scientific benefits

#pregnancy #attachmentparenting

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Got a sweet potato? Here's a recipe for you that's #glutenfree and #dairy free. #cooking

A simple savoury sweet potato muffin recipe that is gluten and dairy free. Brilliant for baby led weaning and yummy for mum and dad also.

Sunday is #funday!!

So far I've been watching Sidekick crawl, she's getting speedy now. I can see so many fun days ahead.

#parenting #attachmentparenting

Saturday is going so quick!

Haven't managed to do anything except watch my little one master the art of crawling and I think that's the best way to spend Saturday. Who cares about dirty socks!

#attachmentparenting #baby 

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Testing your blood sugars is an everyday part of life when you have gestational diabetes. Exercise will help you manage your blood sugars.

Here is some advice and tips on #exercise and blood sugars whilst #pregnant. #diabetes #baby

Who has that #fridayfeeling? Despite being on maternity leave I still get it, who else does?

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It isn't about just cutting out sugar when you have gestational diabetes. When you have gestational diabetes a healthy diet is essential for controlling your blood sugars. Here are my top tips! #pregnancy #diabetes

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Hi all!

I'm new to the world of motherhood (just coming up to 8 months) and the world of Google +. I'm blogging about my journey in terms of pregnancy, motherhood and how I fell into attachment parenting.

I do sometimes question why I'm blogging and I'd love to hear off people why they started. 
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