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She, Daniela Blake
I spent a whole morning yesterday observing the goings on at my local ΙΚΑ (recently renamed ΕΟΠΠΥ, and even more recently, ΠΕΔΥ) branch, as I was waiting for my turn to update a health document.  The woman walked through the doors, holding a plastic superma...

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"Until then, there was just a low class of urban dwellers. In the 80s, the western world middle class culture was created, which is why the 80s were the 'womb' of the post-junta era, even though the dictatorship ended in 1974."

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Hidden London
London is not the easiest introduction to a Cretan about the ways of the north. There are some things that you can understand better inter-generationally and (not 'or') with experience. Age helps, but cultural education starts very early. Even I make bloope...

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Buying olive oil from a supermarket
This story goes back further - some useful pre-reading: Stolen heritage (Κλεμμένη κληρονομιά) Stains in the extra virgin olive oil industry (Λαδολαδιές)

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Askeletoura (Ασκελετούρα)
It's askeletoura time in Greece! In the same way, as the pomegranate, this bulbous plant is smashed jut before the new year on the ground before your front door, for good luck! Askeletetoura ,  Drimia maritima ,  is also known by the name of 'skilokromido',...

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Hosafi (Χοσάφι)
Here's an article I wrote last year for The Greek Vegan's Nisteia magazine The Hellenic people, from which modern Greeks descend, were found
throughout the ancient world, where they set up colonies due to their trading
interests. The Hellenes settled in var...

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maria verivaki commented on a post on Blogger.
The woman was definitely Greek, judging from her language skills. It's a great story. Most people would regard it as funny, but if they viewed it with regard to the layers of the society that it describes, it could tell us a lot about the openness, the curiosity, the economy, the connectedness of that society. Despite being hampered by its small size and isolation, Hania and by extension Crete is very much a global town

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Just another day in the life of a Mediterranean cabbie. Last weekend, while I (ie my husband) was first at the Agious Apostolous taxi rank, I picked up a fare at Hrisi Akti, just a few metres away from the stand. Dusk was beginning to fall and there weren't...

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Cheats' Haniotiko Boureki
I ran into a couple of girlfriends in the supermarket the other day. By friends, I mean real friends, not the ad hoc kind we make on facebook. 'Ελα ντε that they are also on facebook and we are friends there too, which explains how they knew what I had been...

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People waiting!
All quotes and film excerpts come from "America America" (1963), by Elia Kazan. (You can watch it here: ) America is having her day today. Following the rage, through the media that has ...
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