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Hi, I’m Dennis or wyattsalazar, author of The Solstice War, an ongoing serial fiction published on the web for free. It is a story of identity and ideology, set in a fantasy world inspired by the events of the Second World War, particularly the Eastern Front, and featuring primarily queer characters, women, and characters of color.

It’s been my dream to be able to work on a project like this full-time, that is diverse and interesting, but unfortunately that dream has suffered recent setbacks. In the short term, I’m fine, but the clock is ticking in a bad way, and I’m not sure where I’ll be in the coming months. I just wanted to draw attention to this, my Patreon page.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could consider a recurring contribution to the project. I charge on a per-chapter basis, so if you pledge $1, you’ll be giving $2 monthly (because I exclusively publish 2 chapters a month, and no more than that), and that’s honestly a massive help at the moment. I would be set for sure if every follower I have pledged $1, but I know that’s unrealistic, especially if you don’t enjoy the story. I’m not looking for huge short-term donations — just a little bit of help every month to keep me afloat in these tough times.

Thank you for your time and patience and please give these links a look.

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I've been an avid wargamer (mostly of the computer wargame variety, like Panzerkorps and Gary Grigsby's War In The East) for a lot of my life, and have always had a particular interest in World War 2. I've played and watched and read a lot of media based on it.

One thing that bothered me however was how so many narratives that are set in WW2 or are fantasy analogues to it tend to be heteronormative and male and white-centric, as a lot of media is.

As such, about a year ago I decided to write the kind of war story I wanted to see, primarily about the people who don't get to be war heroes in mainstream stories: queer people, people of color, trans and gender nonbinary people, neuroatypical people, resisting (and sometimes, participating alongside of) imperialist forces in a conflict with WW2 era tech and tactics. Now we're 330,000 words later!

As part of the 1 year anniversary I've been making efforts to reach out and promote it more, so I thought perhaps it would suit some of y'all! This is a web-based serial fiction that is updated with fairly substantial chapters twice a month, though there are also special extra updates sometimes (such as today, actually!)

If you've been looking for some new and unique fantasy fiction that is queer friendly, why not give it a shot?

I've been curious lately about gender-neutral English pronouns for something I'm writing. Aside from the singular they, have you seen a gender-neutral pronoun proposed that feels natural or intuitive? I'm not looking for them to be widely adopted in real life (though if there is one that isn't singular they that's heavily used I would use that), just linguistically easiest to use.

Thank you for the invitation.
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