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Robots Eat Your Lunch? How to Understand the Future Thanks to Slavery

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Robots - The New Slavery & How to Save Your Job
Robots Eat Your Lunch? There is a lot of talk about robots eating our lunch and just how we will need to offer a Guaranteed Minimum Wage to all these sorry people who will be displaced. While I agree that we need a safety net for the victims of disruption, ...

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Winners from Boston January 2017
Our January event introduced us to some exciting new companies – and a conflict. We had two top contenders but because one of them was connected with some of the judges we had to hold back and declare Ooomf the winner. So Special runner-up title for GreenSi...

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What Trump America Will Look Like - From Someone Who Predicted His Succes in 2011
Trump World: The American Pivot? As a commentator who
predicted Trump’s success as far back as 2011 here’s what the future looks like
through the crystal ball I used. Overall, it’s a lot better
than most liberals expect although they may not like it for a w...

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Great Moonshine Cruise on Oct. 20!
to all of you who came out for the amazing Cruise-a-Palooza -
unbelievable weather, great band and great music by Robyn Adele
Anderson. Can't wait for the next one in spring! Post your pics and vids from Thursday's cruise.

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Putting Out FIres in DC - Report, from May 12 Event
Crystal City, DC   The first Startupalooza in DC was exhilarating and eye-opening. Beginning with the Fundable: Capital Workshop which grew so big it had to be moved to a larger room, this was a great turn-out. The
evening pitching event – with the opening...

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Follow Startupalooza and discover what innovation looks like in the Northeast

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The Hottest Tech in Stamford: Langauge Learning
You wouldn't expect Stamford to be the home of better language learning, but it was Language Zen that won the August 10th pitch. What was so special about Language Zen. The multilinguists who made LZ followed the language hacking techniques of polyglots (le...

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What do you think?

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Can Smart Tech Save Policing?
A few years ago I saw a presentation by Verint, the company that listens in on phone calls with customer reps. According to them, they they can evaluate the tone of the conversation as well as key words. If the tone reaches a certain threshold or if certain...
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