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Adding wood to a home is something that is considered prestigious, and typically brings out aspects of your home that would not be noticed otherwise.

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We have finally moved into our new building at 180 East Sunnyoaks Ave, Building #3 in Campbell, CA! Come on down and see our new digs!
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The Pros and Cons of Selling Exotic Hard Woods in the Open Market

Exotic hardwoods is not your everyday lumber sold in local hardware stores or even big box home improvement stores. It is the broad-leaved dicotyledonous trees growing in the forest that takes decades to grow into maturity. It is favored for its hardness and aesthetic value and it is a bit more expensive than the softwood variety.

Some countries prohibit the harvest of hardwoods even if their ancestors planted it. Ecological activists fight for the preservation of the trees in order to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. But in countries where hardwoods abound, the owners can harvest the trees and sell it in the open market. The government requires reforestation but Read More…

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Factors to Consider when Purchasing Exotic Hard Woods in the Open Market

Exotic hardwoods are expensive and not easily available to purchase like the ordinary softwood lumber you can find in hardware stores. Hardwood suppliers all over the world rely on internet marketing to reach potential buyers who are willing to import hard-to-find wood materials such as the endangered Lignum Vitae (Guaiacum officinale) or the uniquely patterned Snake wood (Brosimumguianensis).

The price of hardwood is dictated by Read More…

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Understanding Seasonal Variation for Domestic Woods During the California Drought
Local news is all about the drought crisis of California that seems to be worsening each passing day. Not only are the everyday lives of residents affected, but so are the very livelihoods of people working in industries that highly depend on continuous and optimum water supply. Among which is the lumber industry, supplying both exotic and domestic wood.
One of the ways to address this problem is Read More…

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Effects of the California Water Drought on Domestic Wood Supply
The drought in the state of California may as well be among the most prominent and relevant public issues currently. It has affected a wide range of industries and livelihood, more importantly since certain municipalities have already imposed their own restrictions in order to preserve more water. One of the industries that are immensely affected by this is the lumber supply, especially that of domestic wood.
There are already preemptive measures set by the government, so as to prevent a much graver crisis. But Read More…

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Perks of Having Exotic Hardwood Furniture & Flooring
Thanks to higher production, exotic hardwoods have become much more available and affordable for those looking to create furniture or install hardwood flooring. But what exactly makes exotic hardwood the better variety compared to domestic hardwood?
Exotic hardwood is preferred by more people nowadays primarily for its modern aesthetic appeal and its durability over time. It has that certain striking quality to it, making it more unique and visually attractive overall. But besides that, it’s also much denser than domestic hardwood—making exotic wood much harder and sturdier. These two advantages of exotic hardwood definitely make it a better choice Read More….

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Key Differences Between Domestic & Exotic Hardwoods
Domestic hardwoods are basically the species that can be found within North America, which includes Maple, Birch, Oak, and Cherry. The main descriptive aspects of domestic wood are that it has a much warmer, more traditional, and even vintage appearance compared to exotic wood. On the other hand, exotic hardwood can be found all over the world—particularly from tropical areas. Examples of which include Purpleheart, Australian Cypress, and Brazilian Cherry. Contrary to the appeal of domestic woods, fine exotic woods are Read More….

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The Magic of Exotic Wood Projects in Increasing Your Home’s Value
The sight of exotic wood projects in today’s concrete jungles is similar to seeing oases in deserts. It provides a welcome respite from the cold, almost surgical smoothness of steel; the hard and rough surface of concrete; the shiny and artificial feel of plastic.
This is just one of the reasons why more and more people invest their hard-earned money on exotic wood projects. Other reasons are:
They can transform any room from drab to fab.  The rich texture of wood coupled with its unique beauty can complement any area of your home. Read More….
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