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Apparently all I can handle...
is one blog post per week at this stage of pregnancy. Oh well. There are lots of things occupying my brain space still: the fact that we haven't picked out a baby name (for either gender! ACK!), the fact that the baby's quilt isn't done although it's super ...

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A quick catch-up
The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. I keep saying that, but I feel like every time the notch of "busy-ness" gets amped up by about 100° and it's really  the busiest time now, but who knows. I might just keep saying that until my brain bursts. Tomorrow...

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Halloween 2016
The lack of talking on the blog recently does not exactly correspond with life around here - we've been really busy and trying to stay productive in these last 5 weeks before baby gets here. (umm...yikes.)  I have some catch-up blogging to do once my work s...

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my sunday best! vol. 1?
Kate and I spent some extra time to look cute today, and I'm trying to not pass out from exhaustion so I decided to blog for a bit and link up with Rosie's really cute linkup for My Sunday Best this afternoon! Outfit details! Dress : Old Navy, last year. ...

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7QT #54: fall walks, zoo trip, & Poldark
Another week, another random conglom (I'm going to start saying that in regular conversation) of useless facts about Hannah. What say you, friends? 1. Last weekend we had some dear friends of ours come visit from Iowa. We seem to have this deal going on whe...

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Kate's big girl room
I've been slowly chipping away at little refresh for Kate's big girl room, since soon enough baby is going to occupy all our time/energy and I wanted to give her a little bit of space that was all her own. Her reactions to everything have been SO cute, espe...

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32 weeks
Hard to believe how fast it is flying by! Especially since my last update was 19 weeks and the belly has grown considerably since then.  How far along? 32 weeks exactly this morning. Only 8 to go! Weight gain? About 10 lbs, considerably better than last tim...

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Baby quilt #2
After the hectic-ness of moving and the fact that this baby's pregnancy is going by super fast, I finally got around to starting on the baby quilt this last weekend (with tons and tons of help from David). With 2 months left to go. I was a lot behind compar...

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7QT #53: bee stings, space, & painting
How is it the end of September?? I just realized we've lived in Omaha for over two months now and I can't quite wrap my head around it. Linking with Kelly ! 1. Let's start off with something not-so-fun, to keep it real around here. I was driving to pick up ...

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monday monday
A smorgasbord of topics for your perusal this Monday morning. \\\\\\ We are back home again today after a very expensive but productive trip to our nearest IKEA sans-Kate this weekend. The closest to us is 3 hours away in Kansas City [which, by the way, the...
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