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Sharon Strandskov originally shared:
It's okay to Uncircle: it's your stream

Maybe you circled a whole bunch of people back in June or July because your stream was empty.
Or they added you when you were new and you added them back because you wanted to be polite.
Or you grabbed a shared circle.
Or you liked someone's comment on a thread and decided to add them.
Or they were on a post about suggested users from someone whose opinion you trust.
Or they have so many followers that you felt some sense of obligation to add them.

Whatever the reason, there are going to be some people who when you go through your stream you think to yourself "Why did I circle this person? Maybe I should remove them..." but then you feel bad and don't. Or you feel like since everyone else likes them you are supposed to, and will miss something by deleting them. You want to believe you circled them for a reason, that they are just having an off week month.

For me, it was the person in a best of Tech shared circle that not only never said anything worthwhile in my opinion, but often posted seemingly meaningless juvenile fragments of thoughts that made me cringe every time I read them. They have a tech podcast and a large followers list, so I kept waiting for something interesting. Maybe other people enjoyed it, but it wasn't for me. After a few weeks, Uncircled.

Then, the person that everyone seems to put on a suggested user list, but doesn't seem to ever post original content, and doesn't add any thoughts/lead-in on shared posts, videos, or articles (which, yes, I do from time to time) . So many people said how great they were, and they have an insane amount of followers, so I wanted to give them a chance. I even reached out to a friend that follows them, asking if I was missing something... apparently not. Maybe some people like the suggestions for videos and articles without someone else's framing, but I personally like to get to know the people I follow, discussing topics. Uncircled.

While you don't need to enjoy every post from everyone in your stream, if you never enjoy their posts, if you cringe when you see their name show up, there is no reason why you need to keep them around. You aren't going to offend them, and they most likely will never even notice. They have their intended audience, and it's okay if that audience isn't you. We are big boys and girls who understand that we each get to pick what content we want to view and who we want to interact with; if anyone doesn't get that, it is their problem, not yours. Just because other people enjoy them, it doesn't mean that you will-- we all have different taste and get different things from our experience here. The posts that you hate, someone else might love, and it is exactly what they are looking for. They might get the inside jokes that you don't. They might love re-shares without anything being added (man, those people must hate how I almost always add my two cents! Feel free to uncircle me if that is you).

It is your stream, you get to decide what you see. No guilt needed.
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