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Riding The Digital Wave!
Riding The Digital Wave!


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When it comes to project management, big data and analytics can be utilized in different ways.

For one, it can be used to develop and improve planning.

But the data can also be analyzed to shape the overall project ecosystem🌀

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🤔Over the last few years, mobile apps have made the transition from being an optional investment to a necessity.

🕖Mobile now accounts for almost 70% of digital media time.

Here are the top five mobile app development trends to watch for in 2018 👇

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🤔When you don't have enough information, there is always a chance of making a bad hire or missing out on a great one.

🌎By embracing a data-driven approach to recruiting, you can find successful candidates for your projects.

These tips will help you improve your #recruitmentstrategy.

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So, Who Will Benefit?


Historically, Silicon Valley has been known to lure international talent with lucrative wages and the dynamic Bay Area lifestyle.

But this is starting to change. With the current political climate and immigration issues in the United States, more and more skilled tech workers look out to Canada.

The new immigration program will help companies who are doing business in the country access the international pool of tech skills and expertise to faster succeed in the global marketplace.

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Let’s take a look at the following four technologies and trends that will disrupt businesses by 2020.

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While not all companies will be able to have an #internship #program , many will work towards it as a means to solve the shortage of #developers in the job market. For those businesses that want to remain relevant in the years to come, these types of initiatives will play a vital role in getting top talent in through the door.

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A new wave of connectivity has also taken us beyond laptops and smartphones and moved into our cars, homes, and offices. With #connectedthings and #wearables , we are now building #smartcities around the globe.

But while it might make things smarter and easier, what real world problem can a phenomenon like #IoT potentially solve? And what issues can it solve right now?

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Discovering that your #software #engineer doesn’t know how to code months down the line will be too late as you would have already blown your money and time. As a result, there won’t be any way to recover the hours and resources expended on this charlatan.

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While this is true, #human #resources ( #HR ) #departments have been a little slow to catch on, but that’s now changing. It’s also a welcome change as the competition for #top #tech #talent is getting even more fierce. To stay relevant in the job market today, companies have had to get creative to attract new #recruits . So what are the opportunities that #VR (#virtual #reality) provides to HR?

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#Developers are equipped with skills that are highly sought after, so #salaries are high across the board. As a result, they tend to choose #jobs where they can feel challenged while enjoying themselves. But things can change within a short period of time and as they are in high demand, they can also quickly quit and move on.
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