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Go Pro. We all love the DIY mentality, but experts strongly advise to seek a pro if you want your correct eyebrow shape. The major mistake women do is over pluck, specifically above the nose. You don’t want to commit this mistake do you?

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Hello Monday! It’s another chance to do good!

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You do your time in the treadmill every day, you eat all the fruits and veggies you can find and you touch up your face with a little concealer here and there – and yet you seem to look a lot older than your real age. Have you looked at your eyebrows lately? Perhaps that’s the culprit!

If you think occasional tweezing will do the trick, but didn’t think of the arches at all, then perhaps now is probably a good time to start thinking about getting that eyebrow in shape. Your eyebrows are much like your skin, your eyebrows can show off your age too.

When they begin to become coarse or thin out or perhaps turn grey, all these will tell you that your eyebrows are growing old. If you fear this from happening, now is the right time to do something about it. A new hairstyle may be able to give you a new look, but a well-groomed eyebrows will make a whole lot of difference.

The Problem: Thinning Eyebrows. Like thinning hair, you don’t want to lose all the brow hair that you still have, right? Thinning eyebrows make you look old.

The Solution: Find a salon that specializes in eyebrow treatment. The experts in eyebrow care will help you deal with the thinning and ageing eyebrow problem. They can make your eyebrow look as perfect as you want it to be.

To get expert services, book an appointment at Aaliyah’s Eyebrow Salon today. They’ve got the tools and equipment to get the job done.

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Why do men go to a threading salon to get their eyebrows’ fixed? The goal is to ensure a clean look that retains its natural, masculine appeal. Get that only from Aaliyah’s! Book an appointment today!

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Whether you’re already friends with a pair of tweezers or don't even know what they look like, most men could benefit significantly from simply plucking a stray brow hair or two. Just like a getting a fresh haircut or shape-up, keeping your brows neatly groomed will enhance your appearance (think younger) and therefore, boost your confidence.

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DO know that a little post-threading redness is normal. It's a natural reaction, and it should subside on its own within a few hours. If necessary, apply a cool compress to the area.

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Not everyone may realize it, but you need to have perfectly shaped eyebrows to frame your face. Because waxing can be very painful, threading has become a very useful alternative. You may think you can make your own eyebrow arch, but the better option is to find a threading salon who have experts that can get the job done.

Before you go into just any eyebrow threading salon, here are a few do’s and don’ts that you need to remember:

• Do try very hard to stay in touch with the touch-ups. Most Estheticians would recommend that their clients come back after every two weeks. When the hair starts to show up again, you have to get rethreaded.

• Don’t try to use a razor to shave off the growing hair in between the appointments. It might be very tempting to do this, especially when you don’t have the time to get back to your favourite threading salon yet. However, this option has very negative effects of your eyebrow hair, making it very think and coarse.

• Do think that a little redness or swelling may be normal after the threading, but do not worry. It will eventually subside in a matter of hours. If you want, you may also apply cold compress.

• Don’t apply anything on your brows right after the threading process. You have to give it at least two hours before you apply anything like moisturizers, cleaners or any kind of make-up for that matter.

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DON'T stay silent in the chair. Communicate with your esthetician. Describe the shape you would like–low, medium, high or sharp arch; thick, medium or thin brows. You can bring photos, but a good shaper should be able to determine the most complimentary look for your facial structure. You may not have enough to work with to match a celebrity's brows.

#EyebrowCare #EyebrowShape #Threading #HairRemoval #EyebrowShape
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