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Hey there, everyone - long time no see! To say I've been busy with school and life would be the understatement of the century. That being sa

GFC Blog Hop :: Join Us!!

It's Tuesday again which means it's time for the GFC Blog Hop! Last week we broke our record of 295 with 324 Link Ups!! AWESOME!! When I wan

Love Always, E :-): When Good-byes...

I'm going to be starting school soon...which is my very exciting news...and I'm super excited, and I want to be able to focus as much attent

Love Always, E :-): 3 old men

First, on an unrelated note: My version of road rage is at gas stations. I get the most annoyed while driving when I am at a gas station. I

Love Always, E :-): Never ever ever...

Never say never except three times in a row and then you mean it. Ok, maybe not that last part about 3 times, but you know what I mean. A fe

Love Always, E :-): This is Going to be the Year of the BEACH!

It's time for Dory and I to part ways. I'm looking at a jetta, a vw gulf, (all used of course) or just anything with four doors, non-rusted

Love Always, E :-): Finally did it!

I finally finally finally got up the courage to open my own etsy shop! I know it's a short term commitment. So why was I so nervous? I have

Love Always, E :-): Love Like This...

I have a problem. I think I should actually capitalize that word. Let me try again. I have a PROBLEM. I'll throw in some italics for emphasi


Lyrics to "Little Miss" song by SUGARLAND: Little miss done on love Little miss, I give up Little miss, I'll get tough, don't you worry abou

Love Always, E :-): Stop...Hammer Time!

My brain knows that this isn't true. I know I am enough. I know I am. I know I am. But what my heart is not the same. It's not th

Love Always, E :-): Help Me! I Wanna Find SomeWHERE!

I feel like I've said that already before...did I? I think I did. Anywayses, I'm against New Year Resolutions. People put the same thing on

Love Always, E :-): It's a Date!

Then after giving myself a complete brain freeze by trying to suck down my smoothie like I'm in a food race, I'd bore you to tears about how

Love Always, E :-): I needed Fresh Air!

Anyways, I've felt like that the last month. I feel like I'm always inside someplace with people and need fresh air...and space. So this wee

Love Always, E :-): My Annual What-I-Learned-This-Year End of the Year Post

A little of both as long as it's coupled with huge amounts of Dr. Pepper to make me comatose...add in bits of sugar and I'm there! 1. Sponta

Love Always, E :-): I want shoes! Dang it!

EVE... I just want to say no love hate relationship here, I LOVE the color purple oh and by the way. Have I told you how awesome you are lat

Love Always, E :-): What a Buzzkill!

Again you guys know how much I LOVE to party on the weekends. Like cray cray...I always wanted to say that. (LOL). Especially when I look ho

Love Always, E :-): A Bloggy Day of Silence

Post a Comment. Yes, yes, yes...tell me, tell me, tell me how wonderfully witty I am! I'll get back to you ASAP! Older Post Home. Subscribe

Love Always, E :-): Humpty Dumpty. I cried.

Which technically she {Portia} got in an she fell-out-of-a-tree-and-broke-her-back-kinda-accident. That's a serious situatio

Love Always, E :-): Hey Sexy Lady! Op-op-op-oppa Gangnum Style!

And since it's my only free Saturday left of the year, I wanted spend it on...well, me. I just needed one of those me days, and also a frien


*I found it most beneficial to brush on the mixture, then also at the end take the extra glitter from the tube and pour some on top to make