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An example how the USA always pollutes environment! ISIS exists till yet; what's the use of such bad hits on hospitals, oil?
Two airstrikes, the most recent over the weekend, have destroyed almost 500 tanker trucks ISIS uses to smuggle oil and sell it on the black market.
Recent airstrikes have destroyed almost 500 tanker trucks ISIS uses to smuggle oil; U.S. has loosened rules on inflicting civilian casualties
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Why can not world leaders think about a global unity in confronting beasts of hell?

I can see leaders are still divided in question of including Russia, Syria & Iran in that united effort.

Is the goal  defeating evil force  or implementing any other hidden agenda?
"Bad guys are not very nice."

WATCH: After deadly Paris attacks, a little Parisian boy tells his dad and a reporter why "those people did that"
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How can Saudi beasts, notable patrons among all other patrons of ISIS, fight against own creation?
Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have shifted most of their aircraft away from Syria as they fight Houthi rebels in Yemen.
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Were the victim inhabitants in ISIS zone alerted  to evacuate the place?
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McCain is a top to bottom liar - it's well known since Vietnam, so I do not get surprised at seeing him telling lies, it's his job, he earns his bread by telling lies. But it embarrasses me each time when I see he doesn't know how to tell a  lie!
How can a stringer missile hit a target far beyond its range?

One thing of McCain amazes me - he's at least skillful in sudden fleeing. He exhibited this unique fleeing performance in recent times when the Dine (Navajo Nation) chased him off. Of course, as usual he lied - he wasn't chased; another a blunt lie.  Was it a friendly race, then?

The most important import of his interview on this video is that it's the USA government who created, funded & provided ISIS with weapons, training etc.
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In return, world should be polarized in evil vs good. The sooner, the better.

And that's the only way to re-establish good in dominating position; by defeating evil.
The goal of ISIS, according to experts and the group's own words, is to sow discord, ultimately polarizing the world into two sharply...
The goal of ISIS, according to experts and the group's own words, is to sow discord, ultimately polarizing the world into two sharply opposing camps.
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Another a gross blunder!
Why should France alone go to strike?

The group attacked in a coordinated manner. Counter attack on them should be coordinated. Coordinated with all others - Russia, Syria, & Iran.

It's dubiousauthority knew whom the assailants communicated with, but they didn't know assailants were going to launch a coordinated attack on innocent unprepared civilians, as because communication was encrypted!
What's the utility of spying on own people over internet & phone, then?
France launched the assault after President François Hollande held a meeting Saturday with senior security officials.
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DDD  -   Diffused Donkeyism of Donkeys!

Which benefit do they achieve out of these? Could anyone please impart me of it?

Died a huge number of innocent victims - unprepared civilians. RIP!
At least six sites were attacked in Paris, officials have said. There are conflicting reports about the number of dead. The Paris prosecutor reported that as many as 120 have died in total. One hundred have been reported dead at Bataclan concert hall alone , and dozens of people were killed at...
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Our brains spin in only one credible direction out of these - that is we have to die beyond recognition in air, either from this side's hit or from that side's hit or from inside's heat! Anyway, we have to succumb to death beyond recognition, no escape!
A U.S. infrared satellite detected a heat flash over the Sinai at the time the Russian plane went down. The data is still being analyzed in an effort to determine what caused the flash. One possibility is a bomb, but an explosion in a fuel tank or engine as the result of a mechanical failure is also possible.
Mystery and confusion continues to surround downed Russian jetliner that killed 224 on board
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He has returned India's prestigious award he received.

He has done this in protest to the uprising violence & intolerance patronized by India's ruling government.
Top Indian scientist PM Bhargava has joined the writers and filmmakers who are returning their awards in protest of the alleged rising intolerance in the country.
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The hands of these refugees should have to be turned into freedom fighters' hand.

Their gratitude to Russia is valid. They, these Syrian refugees, have to do more for own homeland & for others - suffering in mid-east & worldwide.

Living alone is an outdated idea. In today's global village, nothing is segregated.
Syrian refugees have welcomed Russian airstrikes, and some may even be returning from abroad as the Syrian army advances alongside the Russian air operation. Syria's Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun previously said that over 800,000 refugees...
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What utility did the Fed Authority add to grass that it can claim price/tax on grazing? Is the Fed Authority next going to impose tax on taking oxygen from fresh air on its land?
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