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Muhammed Golam Sarwar Ripon
Truth, Welfare & Decency.
Truth, Welfare & Decency.

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America is of Washington's, Lincoln's, Luther King Jr's, Dwight D Eisenhower's; - not of any evil's!

Americans should stand up unite once again, against evil. The history of Americans is a history of unfailing success. Evil should take lesson from history, otherwise, history will repeat itself.

Let freedom of speech win.

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How affected arts & literature nowadays!
Is it a just executive order?

By the way, is it a must to appear nominated director physically before Oscar? Maybe a representative on his behalf can serve the purpose under such unavoidable circumstances.

Let achievements flow worldwide freely.

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Confusing! V22 Osprey issue.
Osprey was sent to evacuate wounded troops.

Why did it crash-land &
why should it have to be destroyed by "American airstrike?" - Destroyed deliberately or accidentally?

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Which sun is it setting?

Doesn't a dark period come after sunset?

Question of time is which type of the dark age world has to confront from now on!

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That's what Google does - saves valuable life!

On the contrary, faKebook kills innocent people by misleading through faKe propaganda. At least two times it did so in my homeland.

Lovely Google.
I can feel an umbrella of safety while I keep googling.

Come on, join us in this wonderful world of Google. Google - the most reliable secure social media for advanced people of today & tomorrow.
By the way, this happening took place in my neighboring great country India - more specifically in Sahranpur of India.
Heartfelt support for the sister - the 24 year old girl. And a large bamboo to that assh^le sh^thead boy. Dear sister, do not hang on that stupid coward. Just throw a sound kick on his a^s & march forward. Life is far wider & brighter.
God bless!

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Russian doping - institutional  or  constitutional?

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That's what faKebook  is solely skilled in, -  misleading!

Google Plus has always been the best choice.

Google Plus is today's & tomorrow's social media for advanced people all over the global village. So neat & clean!

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How one can ignore the most vital factor of life, - love!
It fills my core,
Making my blood run cold.

My heart beats 10,000 miles,
Every nerve comes alive.

My breath is taken,
My lips are quivering.

My mind screams "Run",
"Don't worry," they say.

My body hurts,
With the suspension of time.

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Sparrow in paddy field in quest of food.

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Practising freedom on road. Vehicles do own work; - rolling, pedestrians do theirs; - crossing!
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