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Fighting for survival!

Till today this glorious nation of historical importance has to fight for survival against corporate sharks!

Long live Dine (Navajo Nation). God bless Dine!

Post via Dede Selim
Navajo Indian stringing his bow Photo was taken about 1913 #navajonation #nativeamericans #oldphotos #photography - Amir Salkić - Google+
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Sometimes load seems to be heavy.
O Lord! Give us the strength to carry!
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A wise advise.

Always morning shows the day.

If we have a good calm start, we will be awarded with good finishing of a day.

Credit of this post: Christine Hansen.
Master the the first half hour of your day and you will master the rest of the day. Those first moments when you wake up in the morning can determine whether or not you have a good day.

This may sound a bit too simple to be true but I promise you it works! I have never ever had a bad day when I have started my day with the simple routine that makes me feel good. Conversely if I ever skipped my morning routine, or overslept and got up in a rush, then I rarely had a fantastic day.

After you wake up do something that makes you feel good. A little stretching, some yoga, going for a short walk, or a run with your dog, meditation, reading an inspiring passage with a cup of coffee. It can be anything simple.

Avoid going first to check your email or look at your phone. Your body needs a moment to rehydrate, stretch and wake up, which will also affect your mood and state of mind. It will then be so much easier to face the day’s challenges. You will be able to maintain that inner calm with which you started the morning. You will be far more productive, and have more harmonious interactions with others. Then at the end of the day you will feel more peace to be able to sleep well.

This post is from my Monday Inspiration series. If you would like to receive inspiration direct to your inbox just follow the link below. As a bonus you'll also receive free access to my video series on practical spirituality:


#inspiration   #morningmotivation   #spirituality  
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+erlinda dillman Good night.
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" Refugees welcome "
" I don't want Europe to be a mass grave "
 -  These were the two slogans they were chanting.

Shame on so called Muslim world & world leaders! You have made situation so unsustainable that people flee from homelands! You never care for human rights, right to live in homeland. Go to hell!
Demonstrators rallied in Vienna against ill-treatment of refugees after 71 people were found dead in an abandoned truck last week
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" I'm sorry I love you, ..... "

Love never generates any such negative destruction.
It's no love at all.
Do you utter I love you?

It's a common craze among people uttering - I love you; even they don't know what they are saying, what's the implication of saying these 3 words, what's the demand of these 3 words! Downfall with hypocrites!
Accused allegedly wrote a note to the Minnesota victim's mother, admitting to having "snapped" while taking care of the boy
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Young children demand tolerance,patience and love!
Responsible adult must have all of the above..
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To make Monday suck less.
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Keep Moving On At Any Cost!

Hence, keep writing on everyday at any cost.

I can't help mentioning this great person having overwhelming influence on my life. In all domains of work, including writing, this valuable remark of this great leader is equally applicable.

Apply this instruction pragmatically, dear authors/writers - your success is not far away, it is already about to kiss your feet.

My good wish silently follows you.

I'm crawling, surpassed today's target writing of 300+ words i.e. A Page A Day. It reached 700+ words today, it'll go further. Believe it, you can win, if you try!
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No, to me it doesn't look any better than the previous one.

Moreover I can see trouble in putting like mark. Previously it never happened.

Is Google losing its Sundhar performance? Sundhar means beautiful.

They, the Alphabet, should better emphasize on dynamic performance than messing with logo to expose their taking control over.
Do you like Google's new logo?
As Google restructures under a new holding company called Alphabet, the search giant announced today it is giving its logo a makeover.
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Explaining some more political terms

EPA = Environment Polluting Agency
Colorado Gold Mine Exploration = Annihilate Dine (Navajo Nation)
Chasing McCain off = Friendly race

Christine Hansen added:
" Domocracy = Demo-crazy.  Slight mispronunciation on their part."

Post via Dede Selim via Paul Frank.
Sky Wanderer @glopol_analysis on Twitter The indispensable dictionary for breaking the code of the mass-media narratives h/t to +olivia belladonna  - Paul Frank - Google+
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+Paul Frank To be a lover, say rather. 
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" and you don't understand the system. "
                 - Christine Hansen.

H George Tavakoli originally shared:
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+Paul Frank Come to me on the same truants' back bench, I'll teach you that. 
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It's a crime committing unnecessary killings.

Why should people slaughter dolphins?

They can easily have their demand of protein addressed by regular fish & many such sources.
Dolphin hunting in Japan is on the decline, but it appears to be on the rise in other parts of the world.
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" One woman fractured her nose and the other was hospitalized for neck and possible back injuries. "
29-year-old driver in Maine had seven passengers in his car when he allegedly tried to take a selfie, but instead crashed into a tree
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What utility did the Fed Authority add to grass that it can claim price/tax on grazing? Is the Fed Authority next going to impose tax on taking oxygen from fresh air on its land?
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