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Scott “Uncle Grouchy” Loveless
Circling the drain since 1975.
Circling the drain since 1975.

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Hai guise!

The new, suckier G+ has broken previous attempts by various browser extensions to block the whole "+1 = random reshare" nonsense. So, if you haven't already, cruise on over to your settings and then switch "Who can see your "+1's on posts" activity?" to "Only You".


So, Verizon. I've been on their 15/15 plan for about 5 years. No real issues. It's been reliable. I can stream Netflix to 2 TVs at the same time. No one in the house complains about shit being slow. The monthly bill started out around $50 and has gradually worked it's way up to $63, which I can live with. Aside from a billing hiccup about a year ago, during which I threatened to switch to Comcast, everything's been pretty smooth.

I knew my rates were set to go up quite a bit and meant to call them and gripe before it happened, but as usual, I didn't make any noise until I saw the $83 drop out of my account. $83 for 15/15. Yeah, that's not going to work. I called on Friday to see what could be done about maybe getting it down closer to that $63 mark. The nice gentleman I spoke with offered me their 50/50 service for $73/month with a 2 year price lock. He even sent an email with those details. Yay! The new provisioning was set to occur on Saturday. I agree, he agreed, everyone's happy.

This is where it gets fun.

On Saturday, I ran a few speed tests using the typical online tools. and so on. In the past, when I had the 15/15 service, both upload and download would usually be 14 and change. Saturday's tests were roughly 18/14. So, download's a little faster. Upload hasn't changed. Not quite 50/50. A little research revealed that my current router/gateway/pornhub is capable of gigabit WAN and 802.11g wireless LAN. No problem there.

Then I got an email telling me the upgrade to my new 50/25 service was complete.

I signed into my Verizon account this morning and found that "My Plan" is 25Mbps service for $87.99/month. However, my upcoming bill is for $62.99 for 15/15 service. Plus, there's another $62.99 charge for unspecified "equipment and services".

In summary, I currently have 50/50/50/25/25/25/15/15 service for $87.99/72.99/62.99/month, and I might be getting a package in the mail. Maybe.

Since I really don't feel like using the phone again, I'ma let this go for a week and see what shakes out.

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Burns Night dinner. Sheppard's pie, followed up with sticky toffee pudding. There will be Speyside single malt later.


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It just so happens that Extended Circles is only MOSTLY* dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. So, if you're slow like me, head over to your settings and change who can comment on your Public posts. See the screenshot. Then see the other screenshot for an example of what happens if you don't.

*It's been mostly dead all day.
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So, what's everbuddy doing for Burns' Night?

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Wasn't familiar with Garrison Starr before this morning. Fantastic stuff!

The gut busting, lung sucking, 7 minute workouts are having an effect. I can't move my arms.


3 pounds in 3 days. It may sound impressive, but it comes off fast when you have a lot to lose.

Squats, slowly, to exhaustion. Russian push-ups, slowly, to exhaustion. 100 jumping jacks. More squats, but fewer than the first time, again to exhaustion. More Russian push-ups, to exhaustion. 10 more jumping jacks. That's all I got. #fattymcfatterson  

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